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Top 7 Reasons You Should Go Camping with Kids

camping with kids

I’m Joanna from Lazy Mom’s , and I’m extremely exited to guest blog on Mom Favorites today and share my camping with kids experience! Believe it or not, I’m no camping lover. I’m a city girl, who loves her comfort and hates bugs and public washrooms. Between you and me, my definition of perfect family…
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Home Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms


Home Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms Mothers are pretty amazing and, despite their heavy to-do list, they always seem to find time to keep the house clean and tidy. It’s not easy keeping your home dust-free without hiring an array of cleaning services on a regular basis but, for those who might want to do…
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6 Tips for Getting Must Have Baby Photos

Must Have Baby Photos,

By Guest Blogger Betsy Finn It’s amazing how quickly kids grow, how soon babies lose that “newborn” look. All the more reason to go overboard with baby photos, right? Well, that may be true in concept, but the fact is that life happens. It doesn’t make sense to spend so much time behind the camera…
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Date Night When You’re Ready to Pop

Date Night when you're Ready to POP:

This Date Night is Ready to Pop, thanks to the Pop Perfect app! As one who loves the local social scene, fancy dinners and any excuse to throw on heels and a dress, it’s tough to admit – I’m just not up to it anymore. At nearly 36 weeks pregnant, I’m ready to pop.  Quite…
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Choosing Your Ideal Work-life Ratio


This winter, my daughter was selected for her elementary school’s Odyssey of the Mind team. The kids were tasked with creating an original, humorous skit that adhered to the strict guidelines of the competition. I agreed to make myself available several afternoons a week to help supervise the kids but when the team’s teacher went…
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Moms Have Dreams Too

photo cred:

I knew I wanted to be a yoga teacher the first time I walked out of a yoga class nine years ago. In the course of an hour, I felt like I had stepped out of my life and reconnected with some timeless part of my Self. At the time, I was a stay-at-home, nursing…
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Managing Holiday Stress

holiday stress

The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful, especially for women. From Thanksgiving to New Years, women run themselves ragged trying to live up to their vision (or possibly Madison Avenue’s vision) of a “magical” holiday. According to a recent survey of holiday stress by the American Psychological Association, the…
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How to Create Lasting Change

make lasting changes

Did you know that lasting change is possible with 5 easy steps? What behavioral things would you change about yourself?

Paradise Found: My trip to St. John USVI

No matter where you go, when you get back from vacation, it takes some time to adjust.  Now, not to rub it in, but when you go to St. John, you may never adjust back to reality.  I had several conversations with folks that live on the island that said they went there for vacation and…
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Time Management: Tackling the Grocery Store

I’ve been keeping a running list of what we need at the grocery store on my dry erase board on the fridge.  Works great. Kind of.  I mean, it’s right there, so anyone can write down their needs.  The problem is, when I’m frantically running out of the door to run errands before pre-school pick-up…
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Best of CMF: Kid-Proofing Your Marriage

In the fourth installment of the Best of CMF, I’m sharing my favorite post from one of our coaches.  I absolutely loved the topic and information that Noelle shared about kid-proofing the marriage.  It is so relevant to all of us and one of the most important things any parent can do! A post from…
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Looking Back on the Baby Years

A post from Noelle O. of , our CMF Lifestyle Coach:  With only a few weeks left of summer vacation, I am bracing myself for the first day of school. My youngest is starting Kindergarten, and I’m beginning to feel the weight of this mommy milestone. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past nine years….
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