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Grandma Knows {Almost} Everything


I know that every grandparent thinks that her grandchild is smarter, cuter, and funnier than other specimens, especially those endlessly touted by rival grandparents.  I happen to be the exception.  I KNOW that Graham and Will are just the cutest little boys ever!  I try not to flash pictures, but I simply can’t resist a…
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10 Tips for Death Avoidance with Wild Animals


Last night, I was enjoying a warm fire on a patio at my Dad’s new secluded mountain property along with my sister, her husband, and of course my dad.  Which is when the conversation came up…. “You know, there might be bears up here,” my dad intones.  All of the sudden I begin to question…
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How Simple Should Simple Be for Kids?

simple kids

I have a theory; heck, as some of you know, I have lots of them!  But today’s theory is one that I have found applies to a variety of disciplines.  It is: Children can appreciate very sophisticated stuff.  Most, however, don’t get the opportunity.  We feed children simple music, art, food, and ideas.  They are…
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Important Rules for Parent/Grandparent Transactions

grandmas house

Most readers of this column are probably parents of toddlers.  I am writing this to help you.  I know you are sometimes frustrated with people like me, in this case, a grandparent.   If there is a disagreement about how we handle your children, it is entirely your fault.  You have to take my word on…
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From Mother to Daughter: A Personal History

rosie riviter

Will you be leaving a legacy for your children? The Modern Grandma, Cindy Barnes, shares the legacy left to her by her own mother.

Making Good Citizens: Reward or Discipline

child labor

How do you reward and discipline? The Modern Grandma debates the current reward-strategy and challenges parents to raise model citizens.

Grandparents to the Rescue!


Our resident Modern Grandma, Cindy Barnes extols the virtues of grandparents everywhere, especial her co-grandparents who masterfully managed two young children on their own!

Airplanes, Babies, and Duty

This post was written by Cindy Barnes an Allen Tate Realtor and our CMF Modern Grandma: We’ve all been there.  I am on an airplane, waiting for my four-hour flight to take off.  A good book in hand, I’m ready for a quiet end to my vacation.  Much to my dismay, a young mother, her two-year old, her…
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Grandma Birds

This post was written by Cindy Barnes an Allen Tate Realtor and our CMF Modern Grandma: You know that “empty nest” problem we parents are supposed to endure?  Lasted a week, maybe two.  You haven’t gotten there yet, but teenagers are tough.  Eye rolling, arguing, and the silent treatment are daily battles. Once my daughters, Katie and Angie,…
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Is it Today or Tomorrow?

This post was written by Cindy Barnes an Allen Tate Realtor and our CMF Modern Grandma: Ever talked about time with a four-year-old?  My grandson Graham and I discovered that it is all relative during breakfast on the patio.  I’m not sure who was more confused.  It started simply enough.  “Grandma, my cousins Winkin and…
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No Girls Allowed

This post was written by Cindy Barnes, the CMF Modern Grandma: I love to watch my grandsons think, and I mean that literally.  A few weeks ago I read a book titled No Girls Allowed to almost four-year-old Graham.  It incorporated ladders and tree houses (very cool!) and a politically-correct moral about non-exclusion and everybody…
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Important Moments, a post by the Modern Grandma

My life can be pretty hectic.  Family, friends, work, volunteering, and a social life keep me on the run.  Sometimes hectic crosses over into frantic.  That’s not so fun.  Two weeks ago was one of those times.  I had hoped to get work neatly wrapped up before the arrival of Graham (3) and Will (1)…
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