Meet the Columnists

Glue Guns and Glitter, Jennifer Bryant

As the owner of small hands big art, Jennifer left a 17 year career in the securities field to surround herself with two things she is most passionate about: children and art. As a child she pulled all-nighters creating elaborate 3DAmelia Bedelia book report dioramas to dazzle her elementary school classmates & teachers, which ultimately led to a college art scholarship.

Despite having spent so many years in a left brain career, she has always thought of herself as a creative thinker and artist first – spending her free time obsessively cutting circles & collecting paint chips, dreaming of one day designing a better, faster way to sort buttons.  To learn more about small hands big art, read her blog or to sign up for classes, visit:

Get ready to get your craft on with these inspirational ideas.

{Not So} Easy Bake Oven, Michele Joyce

A self-taught baking enthusiast, Michele Joyce opened The Last Course Bakery in the summer of 2011.  She has enjoyed learning how to bake everything from breads to fine pastries, but her first loves are cakes and heirloom recipes.

She moved to Charlotte in 2009 with her husband and her two children.  You can view her portfolio at and the website *coming soon!* at

A Well Balanced Life, Noelle Ostroff

Noelle is mother to two spirited kids and the founder of the Mommy Coach ~ life coaching just for moms.  Noelle is a certified Holistic Wellness Coach, and you’ll also find her at the Belly Guru Yoga Training Center ( in Pineville where she offers an OMLifestyle program – eight weeks to mind-body transformation!  Check out her website or follow her on twitter @noelleostroff and facebook at:

Learn how to balance motherhood with the advice from Noelle, here.


Momma Can Cook, Chemeeka Sparks

Chemeeka is a stay-at-home-mom of two.  She began cooking at the age of 12, and she and her husband have catered a number of events in the Charlotte area. She excersizes her passion for baking and cooking on her blog BakieMeSweet.  She’s loves to write and share her love for the kitchen with others. Find more from Chemeeka at her blog,

Own that kitchen with great cooking advice from Chemeeka.


Get in Shape Girl, Holly Graue (and occasionally, Geoff our token dude)

Geoff and Holly Graue are owners of H&G Personal Training, where results aren’t guaranteed, they’re earned. Specializing in high intensity training and FUN, this dynamic duo packs a punch with inventive movements on top of the line equipment. With 15 years of experience, Geoff and Holly believe in the power of a positive attitude and old fashioned hard work. Holly and Geoff, our token dude on the CMF team, live in Charlotte with their daughter.

Get motivated to get fit with tips from the Graue’s here.

LBD’s & DIY’s, Lily Winnail

Lily is the President of Padalily® Company.  When her son was just an infant, she invented, patented, and marketed a cushion that wraps around the infant car seat handle.  Lily has a love for beautiful fabrics – and was just waiting for one good idea to pop into her head for her to run with! The Padalily combines her love for all things fashionable with her practical side! Lily has 3 children, 11, 8, and 5 and has been married 15 years to Shaun.  She and Shaun work together from home – running Padalily®. Lily loves clothes, shoes, decorating, designer fabrics, crafting, and having fun being daring with accessories (recent purchase peacock earrings – they’re huge!).

You’ll find Lily’s great style tips here.


Green without Envy, Jacquieline Kuznicki

Jacqueline is a stay at home mom of one. She put aside a career as a Flight Attendant to become a professional homemaker.  Jacqueline has a passion for green living that started when she decide to cloth diaper her daughter. Jacqueline enjoys finding earth friendly alternatives to everyday living and loves taking care of her family. For more homemaking inspiration visit her blog at: 

Make eco-friendly and economical choices with these great tips from Jacquie.

Family Cents, Heather Cellini

Heather Cellini, CPA, received both a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Accounting degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She worked in the corporate world for over ten years, then took some time off to take care of her two sons.  She recently returned to public accounting on a part-time basis.

Heather is originally from New York, but spent a number of her post-college years in Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado.  Heather and her family have been living in Charlotte since 2008.

Learn the smart ways to save your dollars with Heather’s tips here.

Clicks ‘n Pics, Alison Koss

Alison Koss is a busy mom to three young children.  She knows the importance behind capturing all of life’s special moments.  Alison believes in getting outside of the studio and conducting her photo sessions while children play.  Getting real moments that you’ll cherish.

Learn more about her style and photography philosophy on her website,


The Modern Grandma, Cindy Barnes

You can call her Cindy, which is how the rest of the world refers to her, but Cindy is my (Katie Harding’s) momma.  She lives in Charlotte, a short fifteen minutes from my home.  She’s the main reason my husband and I get date nights!  Woo hoo for Grandmas!  Cindy is a Realtor for Allen Tate, and isn’t afraid of offering her perspective whether your buying a house or raising a child.

Find out why Grandmas know best here.


It Takes a Family, Dr. Jeanine Swenson MD

What makes families tick?  Dr. Jeanine Swenson has spent most of her life trying to answer this question first in the traditional areas of pediatrics and pediatric cardiology, and then in the mental health area of family and system psychotherapy.  Please join her in her parenting column entitled “It Takes A Family…” where she will enlighten you with a host of family topics and issues.  Jeanine and her spouse are the parents of three lively kids ages fifteen, seventeen and twenty.

Learn the tricks of navigating all things family from Jeanine here.



Momma is Cheap!, Denise Davis

Hi, I’m Denise Davis. I live in Charlotte, NC, and yes, I’m cheap. I love music and anything that involves being outside. I used to love shopping…Now I love consignment shopping.

Join me in journey of saving money, and when that isn’t possible, finding a product worth the price on the tag, and when that isn’t possible, how about a laugh at the lengths I will go just to try.  Read more from Denise on her blog:

Don’t miss Denise’ “frugal” tips here.