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Edible Water Beads: Craft & Play

Edible Water Beads,

Hello Mom Favorites readers! I’m Victoria, I’m a stay at home mother of two beautiful little girls, Squiggles (18 months) and Bubbles (3.5years).  My girls and I love exploring and learning together, and I enjoy blogging about some of our experiences on my blog, Squiggles and Bubbles. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to…
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Traveling with a Newborn for the Over-Prepared Parent

Traveling with a Newborn,

By Guest Blogger Kristen Kelly When my son was 6 weeks old, my sister was getting married in Texas.  We live in Ohio, so it was quite the trip!  Our entire trip lasted 10 days, which included a 3-hour drive from northern to southern Ohio to visit family, a flight to College Station, Texas with…
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How to Try on a Bathing Suit and NOT Want to Shoot Yourself


By Get in Shape Girl columnist, Holly G: **** Happy Belated Mother”s Day, ladies! I hope your day was filled with serious freedom from the house, kids, husband and any applicable family pets(if any).   I spent my day trying to find the “perfect” swimsuit.  Great news, I found a swim suit…not sure if it”s “perfect”…
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Those Really Expensive Cupcakes

Last week I had one of those days where one declares, “Mommy is ready to go back to work full time.” I”m sure we all have them, right? Right??? You know the kind, where you pull up a little George to get Curious with the kids for a while, and you slip over to your…
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And then sometimes we get to experience moments that are priceless. Yesterday, I hear the very sweetest, “Do you know how much I love you?” and “I don”t ever want you to leave.” Before you think I went all mushy and whoops, a little early for Valentine”s Day, aren”t we? I”m talking about tiny little…
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Everybody's Doing It (Getting a Job, That Is)

Everywhere I go lately, it seems like Stay at Home Moms are going back to work. So maybe I don”t actually go that many places. But when I do, you can bet it”s going to be a HULLA-BALOO of stay at home moms hanging around. Except less and less of them are hanging around these…
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Buying in Bulk

Will someone please explain to me how a coupon that requires you to buy Four boxes of name brand cereal that I don”t even know if I like to get ONE DOLLAR off on fruit, that you were going to buy anyways, saves you any money? Please? I don”t understand it. Okay, Maybe if you…
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Buying Cheap: Generics vs Name Brand


Ohhhh, $2.50 Oak Leaf Shiraz.  You have failed me.  You stray so far from your Merlot counterpart.   You weren”t that tasty. You gave me a headache before I finished my second glass.   You made The Man say something  to me, all normal and not offensive at all,  that I made all kinds of offensive,…
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Cheap Winter Fun!


Apparently I”m one of the few people out there, who likes to keep Christmas around as long as the Wise Men.   The festive coffee is gone. The Neighbor we call “Santa” took his lights off his house. People keep looking at me funny when I say, “Merry Christmas!”   …   Alrighty then, let”s…
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The Top 5 Healthy Meals on a Budget from Pinterest


Check out these Healthy Meals on a Budget from guest blogger Denise Davis: New Year”s Resolutions to eat better, or spend Less Money?  Well, here”s the deal.  We have Christmas dinner at our house, and it is one of those times when I do it up, BIG.  Use those recipes with nine ingredients- to make…
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The New Year's Budget


The New Year is here, and for most of us, the New Budget. Or maybe back to the old budget. Or no budget at all, just wondering what it”d be like to save a buck or two..   Let”s have a little fun with it, why don”t we?         To the tune…
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The Best Cheap Gifts


Here it is the first week of December, and already I”m feeling the Christmas pinch. The six strands of lights were nowhere near enough for the tree, so I had to hop on out to Target for two (dozen) more. Then I decided to disguise the hideous wrapping jobs (completely my own) by sprucing things…
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