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Sexy After Baby


Laundry. Kids. Exhaustion. Lactation. It’s a universal truth – once you become a mommy your body isn’t quite the same again. There’s a little something extra here, a little something deflated there – but overall still in good working condition. Once I had my daughter I awarded my body a badge of WOW for it’s…
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Weeks 3 & 4: My Journey to Lose 10 Pounds


During the holidays…. Yeah, yeah.  No one said it was going to be easy.  But a roller coaster ride?  I wasn’t quite expecting that either.  Every day the scale stupefies me. I weigh WHAT????? Sometimes I’m high-fiving myself (because I’ve got mad-skill) and sometimes I slump and tell myself it’s water weight. No biggie.  I’ll…
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The Day I Stepped Back on The Scale… Week 1 of Losing 10 Pounds


Somebody, and by somebody I mean me, has gained 10 pounds since spring, and she’s none to pleased about it.  I have this love hate relationship with the scale.  I either get on it everyday or avoid it like the plague.  Well, for the last few months I’ve been avoiding it, but when my pants…
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Saying ‘Goodbye’ To My Deepest Darkest Secret – With The Help Of Weight Watchers

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I’m not a dieter – I’ve never liked diets. I’ve always believed that dieting meant major limiting and deprivation – and I’m a more the merrier kind of gal. As a result I’ve always shopped in the plus sized department typically rocking a 14/16 – and while I certainly didn’t have my ideal body I…
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Top 20 Things To Do if You’re Keeping it Real with Weight Loss


1) If you want to lose weight, it starts in the kitchen. 2) You can always move more. 3) Create a nice inner voice and eliminate negative self-talk. 4) Going through the motions is a waste of time when training. Push yourself and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 5) You”ll never regret a workout, so…
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How to Try on a Bathing Suit and NOT Want to Shoot Yourself


By Get in Shape Girl columnist, Holly G: **** Happy Belated Mother”s Day, ladies! I hope your day was filled with serious freedom from the house, kids, husband and any applicable family pets(if any).   I spent my day trying to find the “perfect” swimsuit.  Great news, I found a swim suit…not sure if it”s “perfect”…
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5 Simple, Anywhere Exercises

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I”m not sure if you and your husband (or friends) play the game “would you rather” but in our house it”s the go-to game on a Friday night when the kids go to bed. Geoff and I laugh so hard at the dumb questions we ask each other. Some of our academic questions sound like:…
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5 Fitness Essentials for the Everyday Woman

5 fitness essentials

When I rock my 4 month-old to sleep at night I always think about you, the reader….well, mostly I think about lying in a hammock beachside with a drink in my hand BUT I often I think about important aspects of fitness. Naturally, I think about what I like to use in my everyday life….
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Avoiding the Holiday 15: Party Guide for Keeping Your Waistline

holiday binge eating

Bring on the holiday parties! Lets drink, eat and be merry, right? WRONG! Put an end to Holiday Binge Eating! Ladies (and the random dudes reading this), the fast-approaching holiday feasting season presents many challenges.  Whether you count calories or carbs, it’s easy to slip up during the holidays, which for many of us starts when…
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The Battle of the Baby Weight

A post from Holly G. of H&G Personal Training and our CMF Fitness Coach: Recently a well-known celebrity trainer (Tracy Anderson) gave an interview for DuJour magazine in which she discussed the topic of pregnancy and its many issues. She shared the idea that some women over-indulge during pregnancy and consequently use the birth of their child as…
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Get Thee to a Strength Training Class!

A post from Holly G. of H&G Personal Training and our CMF Fitness Coach:  Cardio isn’t enough! Plain and simple. Ladies, I’ve had it up to here with clients, friends and family alike who talk to me about all the cardio they’re doing and seeing little to no results. People! For the millionth time, cardio isn’t…
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Happy Birthday Title IX!

A post from Holly G., our CMF Fitness Coach:  Forty years ago, some seriously smart and amazing women worked with Congress to ban gender discrimination in public schools. An extension of this amazing law gave young women the opportunity to play Varsity sports. As a high school and college athlete,Title IX gave me the opportunity and…
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