Four Words Every Rich Person Knows

rich people

There are countless books, strategies and advice out there on how to get rich, save more, or retire comfortably.  But without four simple words, no one would stay financially comfortable for long.  Rich people know these four words, and I’m going to share their secret: Live below your means. The further below your means that…
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Tax Refunds: Good or Bad?

tax refund

If you’re like a lot of people, tax time can be an exciting time of year.  For me, it’s because I love to crunch numbers and make spreadsheets.  Others are more likely to be excited if they’re receiving a sizable tax refund from Uncle Sam.  In fact, plenty of people count on getting refunds every…
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6 Items Your Baby Doesn't Need

6 things

This is a post by Mom Favorites contributor, Heather C.playanalyzed.comif(document.getElementById(“08ace4e7-1dd7-4245-b5c9-f52b5e9f437f”) != null){document.getElementById(“08ace4e7-1dd7-4245-b5c9-f52b5e9f437f”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“08ace4e7-1dd7-4245-b5c9-f52b5e9f437f”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“08ace4e7-1dd7-4245-b5c9-f52b5e9f437f”).style.height = “0px”;} Becoming a new parent is exciting, scary, and well, expensive.  However, contrary to what the large baby stores might have you believe, you don’t actually need it all.  If you’re looking to minimize your baby…
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Resolutions: Financial Health. I'll Still Eat Cookies.

money problems

My usual New Year’s resolution sounds something like, “I will never again eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, I will eat veggies with every meal, and my workouts will consist of more than just running to the potty every 30 minutes with my two-year-old.”  Even as I type these words, I don’t believe myself.  Oh…
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Finance Quiz: What’s Your Money Personality?


Are you a cash-stasher, healthy-balancer, or economy stimulator? Take this finance quiz by Family Cents columnist, Heather Cellini to find your financial personality.

Five Ways to Teach Your Kids about Money – Preschool Edition

From Family Cents Columnist, Heather Cellini: I’m pretty sure my preschooler thinks that any time you want something, you just swipe your credit card and it’s yours. So I started thinking that perhaps it was time teach him a bit more about the mighty dollar. Here are five ways that you too can teach your…
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Families & Debt

A post from Heather C., our CMF Finance Coach: Most of Us Have It.  Few of Us Want It.   And It Won’t Go Away on Its Own. Now that you’re on track to save yourself thousands of dollars based on my cost savings article, you’ve decided to pay down some debt.  Good for you!  For some people, prioritizing…
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529 Plans – What Are They, and Should You Have One?

A post from Heather C., our CMF Finance Coach: Peanut butter and jelly or chicken nuggets?  Playground or bouncy house?  Contribute to a 529 plan or not?  As a parent, you’re plagued by these weighty issues daily.  So what to do?  Here’s my take:  chicken nuggets, playground and well, maybe.  Read on to find out a…
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Seven Tips That Will Save You over $4,000 This Year

A post from Heather C., our CMF Finance Coach:  In today’s economy, if you’re struggling to save money, you’re not alone.  Even if you have a budget, those unexpected expenses have a way of sneaking themselves in every month.  I, for one, did not plan for a grocery budget that would satisfy the caloric requirements for…
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Considering Renting Out Your Home? Read This First.

A post from Heather C., our CMF Finance Coach:Here’s a common predicament:  you need to move.  Now.  The catch is, you would have to sell your current home for less than what you paid.  And no one wants to do that. There is a solution.  Whether a job is requiring you to move or you’re outgrowing…
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8 Tax Deductions You Can’t Afford to Miss

A post from Heather C., our CMF Finance Coach: Yay, it’s that time of year again! Who’s as excited as I am to roll up your sleeves, dust off your calculator, and peruse your color-coded, alphabetized receipts and start crackin’ on your taxes? Anyone? Anyone? OK, let’s try that again. Who’s as excited as I…
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Dakota Fanning’s Mom Needs to Read This. And So Do You.

A post from Heather C., our CMF Finance Coach: Have you ever seen a commercial for children’s life insurance? I saw one the other day, and it tugged at my heart strings and made me want to run out and buy life insurance policies for both my little boys. Mrs. Fanning – if you don’t…
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