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8 Budget Friendly Ideas for Summer Fun in Charlotte

summer fun

By Heather Cellini, Family Cents Columnist ******* In the spirit of saving money and beating the heat, here is a top 8 list of free or cheap things you can do with your child in Charlotte this summer.  Bring on the SUMMER FUN! Summer movies Indoors:  Select Regal Cinema theatres in Charlotte will be showing…
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Growing Safety: Planting the Seeds for Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

caution children at play

The most recent school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has caused a large wound in our national sense of safety and security.  For many days now it had been hard for me to accept that this has happened because it is so atrocious and violent.  Twenty innocent children and six dedicated…
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Successful Twenty-First Century Parenthood

Dr. Jeanine Swenson, MD, is here to help: from babies to an empty nest, she's here with expert advice to help!

Lose the Sting, by Dr. Jeanine Swenson

Dr. Jeanine Swenson

A blog post by CMF Mommy Manual Coach, Dr. Jeanine Swenson, Pediatrician and Family Therapist: This parenting journey is certainly an interesting series of changes as we all grow and learn. One of the more difficult ones can be the area of relationships.  Just mentioning the “bird & bees” can make many parents sweat.  We…
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We’re Chiquita Moms: August Edition, vol. 1

I know y’all are gonna feel really bad for me when I share how tough my adjustment has been these past few days from beach vacation to real life.  So, needless to say, it’s Tuesday night and I just now realized… it’s been two darn weeks since I’ve shared with y’all the going ons of…
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We’re Chiquita Moms, July vol. 3

Perhaps it’s because we’re in the dog days of summer, but the Charter Chiquita Moms are finding ways to cool off, relax and get in some much needed me-time. If you missed it, hop on over for Vanessa’s delicious looking (and seemingly easy to make) Chiquita Banana Mango Popsicles.  This pictures just makes me want…
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We’re Chiquita Moms, July Edition, vol. 1

Hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July.  For those of you that have “respectable” careers and have to go into the office, my apologies.  When I was in corporate America, I always felt it was cruel to give employees the 4th off, but then make them come back to work on the 5th after…
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We’re Chiquita Moms, June Edition, vol. 2

Miss us? The Charter Chiquita Moms? Can you believe it’s been another week?  Now that the kids are out of school I feel like time is moving even faster, if that’s possible.  I’m hoping that we’ll get into a routine soon, and once that happens hit up some summer movies.  Many local cinemas are hosting…
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We’re Chiquita Moms, June Edition vol. 1

I’m pretty darn excited that summer is here.  When I think about summer days, I think back to my childhood.  I have so many fond memories of growing up in Charlotte, where I now have the opportunities to raise my kids.  I hope they share some of the same experiences that I did and make…
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We’re Chiquita Moms, May Edition, Vol. 5

Those of you that are regular readers of Charlotte Mom Favorites are aware that my kids are currently enrolled in swim classes.  I’ve also had Graham in soccer and plan to enroll him for another session soon.  This summer he’ll be going to art and Spanish camp.  Why?  Do I think he’s gonna be an…
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We’re Chiquita Moms, May vol. 4

It’s getting good this month in our Chiquita Moms community.  If you’ve missed these great posts, you’ll wanna go back and catch up. First, I posted THE picture. The picture that motivated me to begin exercising and to lose weight back in 2009.  Since then, I’ve caught the exercise bug and have found various ways…
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We’re Chiquita Moms, May vol. 3

As the weeks of May tick away, the days of summer loom ahead.  There’s excitement and trepidation.  That beach trip is gonna be a blast, but what the heck am I going to do with the kids ALL DAY LONG EVERY DAY?  Yeah, it’s going to get interesting, no doubt. Although travel plans are forecasted…
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