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Afterschool Snacking: Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas

Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas, www.MomFavorites.com

Guest Post by Susannah Brinkley Hi everyone! I’m Susannah from Feast + West, and I’m delighted to be sharing my recipe for Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas with you today! I’m always looking for ways to beat the heat. To be totally honest, I am not summer’s biggest fan. When it’s hot and humid, I am not…
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Warm Quinoa Salad – Power Lunch or Fantastic Side

By Guest Blogger Cassie of The Thrifty Couple Quinoa is pure awesome! Think about, it is like a dream food: easy, healthy, protein filled, frugal, yummy and versatile! That is why our thrifty family has a good supply of quinoa on hand at all times. We prepare it many different ways, but one way is…
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Five Quick Vegetarian Recipes for Families

Quick Vegetarian Recipes for Families, www.MomFavorites.com

{Note from Katie, Editor of Mom Favorites – don’t miss our Veggie Dinner options in August’s Month of Meals!} Hi everyone! I’m Selena from Look! We’re Learning! and I’m sharing five quick vegetarian recipes for families today! My family and I were vegetarians for a while and we quickly learned how to adapt some of…
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Month of Meals Recipe Box – August 2014

Gluten Free & Paleo Dinners - Month of Meals: www.MomFavorites.com

An entire Month of Meals for your August Recipe Box! I’m not sure how much of this menu I’ll be cooking this month!  I’m writing this mid-July in anticipation of Baby Boy making his debut sometime in early August.  AHHHH!  That’s me freaking out. I do, however, hope to have a few of these meals…
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15 Fun Recipes with Peanut Butter and Jelly

15 Fun Recipes with Peanut Butter and Jelly, www.MomFavorites.com

Remember the grade school “How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich” writing assignment? Inevitably a kid would raise his hand, “That’s easy. Take two pieces of bread, spread one side with peanut butter, one with jelly and put them together.” But the teacher would be prepared.  She’d have a bag of bread and…
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First of Fall Baking: Peanut Butter Banana Bread Recipe

pb banana bread

Last Course Bakery owner, Michele Joyce greets fall with seasonal flavors and a warm slick of her peanut butter banana bread recipe.

Best of CMF: 10 Birthday Treats for Non-Bakers

Blogging Vacay continues and so does the Best of CMF.  Next up: 10 Birthday Treats for Non-Bakersor if this was a superlative…. Most Caloric When it comes to birthdays for children, the one thing I stress about the most is the cake. I’m not a great baker to begin with, but in my crowd, it’s…
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Mouth Watering: Asian Chicken Salad Recipe

asian chicken salad

I LOVE this Asian Chicken Salad recipe! And when I say, “love” I mean, absolutely love, love, love this salad!! My family does too & that’s why I wanted to share this recipe with you. It’s super easy & super simple. Just take: Ingredients:One bone-in chicken breast 1/2 cup of your favorite teriyaki marinating sauce….
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A Southern Staple: Michele's Recipe for Coconut Cake

coconut cake

Michele Joyce reveals the secret to her coconut cake recipe and gives all bakers a crash course in making a cake from scratch.

Mason Jar Blue Velvet Cupcakes – Americana for the 4th of July!

mason jar cupcakes

In the mood for the 4th of July? Celebrate with these blue mason jar cupcakes with red and white icing and sprinkles. This is a fun recipe from Chemeeka.

Pound Cake Recipe – Beach and Picnic Perfect

pound cake recipe

Michele Joyce, the lady behind the Last Course Bakery holds our hands as we walk through the steps to making her delicious pound cake recipe that easily transports for vacations and picnics!

The S’mores Tradition

I wanted to give a big ol’ shout out to ALDI before the week ended.  I had agreed to review some grocery products for ALDI awhile back, and frankly just plain forgot about it.  Then, just the other day I was scurrying around the house throwing things together to spend the weekend at the lake…
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