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Rainbow Smash Cake DIY

DIY Rainbow Smash Cake,

By Guest Blogger Kristen Kelly For my son’s 1st  birthday, we scheduled a smash cake photo session with our favorite Cleveland photographer, Brittany Gidley Photography. I had shopped around at cake shops, and found that most don’t sell smash cakes, and those that do charged more than I wanted to pay.  So, I decided to…
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Homemade Mac ‘n Cheese: Yes Please!

Homemade Mac 'n Cheese,

Hi Mom Favorites readers, I am Renee, I blog over at Gettin’ Fit Fab and today I am here to share my favorite Mac N’ Cheese recipe. It’s great for any size family, you are able to double this recipe easily, also easy to store and to eat for leftovers. This is one of my…
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Warm Quinoa Salad – Power Lunch or Fantastic Side

By Guest Blogger Cassie of The Thrifty Couple Quinoa is pure awesome! Think about, it is like a dream food: easy, healthy, protein filled, frugal, yummy and versatile! That is why our thrifty family has a good supply of quinoa on hand at all times. We prepare it many different ways, but one way is…
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Dinner Smarts – Education in the Kitchen

Education in the Kitchen,

Hi, I’m Monica from Marc’s Treasure Basket. I love empowering little monsters (kids) and inspiring them to become confident and creative in all aspects of life! Food and nutrition are a big part of a child’s life and what better way to get your little monsters eating good nutritious food, then giving them an education in the kitchen?…
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Five Quick Vegetarian Recipes for Families

Quick Vegetarian Recipes for Families,

{Note from Katie, Editor of Mom Favorites – don’t miss our Veggie Dinner options in August’s Month of Meals!} Hi everyone! I’m Selena from Look! We’re Learning! and I’m sharing five quick vegetarian recipes for families today! My family and I were vegetarians for a while and we quickly learned how to adapt some of…
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Month of Meals Recipe Box – August 2014

Gluten Free & Paleo Dinners - Month of Meals:

An entire Month of Meals for your August Recipe Box! I’m not sure how much of this menu I’ll be cooking this month!  I’m writing this mid-July in anticipation of Baby Boy making his debut sometime in early August.  AHHHH!  That’s me freaking out. I do, however, hope to have a few of these meals…
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15 Fun Recipes with Peanut Butter and Jelly

15 Fun Recipes with Peanut Butter and Jelly,

Remember the grade school “How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich” writing assignment? Inevitably a kid would raise his hand, “That’s easy. Take two pieces of bread, spread one side with peanut butter, one with jelly and put them together.” But the teacher would be prepared.  She’d have a bag of bread and…
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Beautiful Spring Strawberry Salad

spring strawberry salad

Don’t forget to pin this Great Big Bowl of Wonderful (a.k.a. Spring Strawberry Salad)! As I continue to creep along in this infernal hot-mess I call pregnancy, I’ve learned to manage my days by giving in to my cravings: lots of naps, pajama pants (except for when jumping into photos with my kids), and eating….
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Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Mason Jar Gifts

vday cocoa mason jar gifts

I’ve been absent.  Not just from my blog, but from life.  Since discovering that I am pregnant, I’ve been in hibernation.  Legit hibernation. No TV or computer.  It gave me motion sickness.  No interest in food.  It made me throw up.  I couldn’t do anything really except be in bed.  But, as I’m nearing my…
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Guide to Sides, Vol. 1: Great Basics

guide to sides collage

What’s for dinner?  When that question gets asked, answers are “Grilled chicken! Mac ‘n Cheese! Tacos!”  But what else?  That salad, the green beans and the carrots…. they get overlooked.  Sides can be so-much more than limp lettuce and soggy green beans.  They can be a star!  Or a least a supporting actress… Here are…
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Spring Treat: Strawberry Salad!

strawberry salad

Boy do I love my strawberry salad.  And even better, I love strawberry season!  Well strawberry season is here & it’s a official with our local Strawberry Festival that was underway this past weekend:) What’s so great about strawberry season?  I’ll tell ya.  You’ve got super fresh. sweet. delicious. yummy. you could never have enough…
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Spring Corn and Ginger Chowder

corn and ginger chowder

Spring is in the air.  And along with the spring comes the sunshine, warm sunny days, flowers are blooming, and all that is bright.  I like to take that same brightness and incorporate that into some of my dishes.  One quick and easy way to bring the outside in, and get that “burst” of brightness is to…
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