Join the Party – Do Tell Tuesday Link Party

do tell

Holla!  I’m pretty darn excited to join in as Co-Host of Do Tell Tuesday!  A pretty fab Link Party that I always make a special effort to join in on!   New to the scene?  Don’t be a wallflower…. Click here for the full rundown on how to participate and…   Welcome to Do Tell Tuesday!…
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Marinara & Spinach Pesto Italian Fondue – Family Dinner Time with Barilla

barilla8 main

Create a memorable family dinner with Italian Fondue using Barilla Pasta and Sauce! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Barilla, but opinions are my own. Growing up, I remember family dinners.  Almost every single night.  And, almost every night was the same: “What are we having?” “Again? Ugh.” “School was fine.” “Can…
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Fall Fondue Recipe with Organic Veggies from Simply Fresh

fondue 6

This girl loves her veggies.  So, imagine my delight when this arrived on my doorstep from Simply Fresh: My excitement was comparable to telling a 10-year-old they could go on a Toys R Us shopping spree.  Yes, I was that excited. Upon delivery of my Simply Fresh box o’ veggies, I promptly began dreaming of…
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Weekly Meal Plan: Zucchini, Tomatoes and Corn. Oh my!

zucchini tomatoes and corn menu

Every week lately, it’s been the same: Zucchini, tomatoes, corn.  Zucchini tomatoes, corn.  Yep, that’s my CSA box and I don’t want to say I’m getting tired of summer’s super-red tomatoes and super sweet corn, but if I’m going to be honest with you… I’m kinda craving a brussel sprout right about now.  But what…
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Summer Market – A Seasonal Veggie-Filled Meal Plan

summer market

This past weekend, we did a little Tour de Farmer’s Markets to prepare us for a seasonal summer market meal plan.  It was a blast, and I walked out with some incredible finds.  Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms, Asparagus Beans (super-duper long green beans), Peruvian Purple Poatoes, and my favorite – Flavored Salts.   Adding to…
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Summer Feast: Weekly Meal Plan Collection

summer feast

Let’s be honest, I’m playing catch-up.  After being sick ALL of last week I’ve got two weeks of laundry, two weeks of running (yes, still trying to make up some miles even if I won’t hit 100 for the month!), and two weeks of work.  Bleh.  I’ve also got quite a bit of leftover produce…
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Foodie Fam Weekly Meal Plan: Farmer’s Market Fare

farmers market fare

I’m back to real life!  Moved in and sorta settled.  Enough so that I know where my pots and pans are, my pantry is semi-stocked, and I can spend a little while each night cooking again.  WOOHOO!  After several months of feeling completely un-settled, it’s so nice to start feeling at home again.  And, nothing says…
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Road Trip Snacks For Happy Travelers

crafty road trip snacks

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a $100 Harris Teeter gift card at the bottom of the post! *********************** “Are we there yet?” Nope. “How many minutes until we get there?” 120… “How many minutes until it’s ten minutes until we get there? In 110 minutes we will be there in ten minutes….
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6 Tips for Kid-Approved Food


Never say never.  Never ever.  I’m breaking my own rule right now.  See.  It’s not a good idea to make grand declarations.  Want to know what one of my own was?  Well, pre-children, I declared I would never-ever make special food for my kids.  You’re laughing right now, aren’t you?  What vows did you make…
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Real Happy Meals: a Meal Plan Collection

happy meals

I think I’ve introduced my last few posts by emphasizing how stressed out I am.  It’s true. I’m totally, totally overwhelmed.  Eat a half pint of Ben & Jerry’s overwhelmed.  I didn’t even like the flavor.  Like right-eye twitching uncontrollably overwhelmed.  Yes, my eye twitches when I’m really stressed out.  Nothing like an eye twitch to make…
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Mouth Watering Meals: Family Meal Plan Collection

menus on mondays 4-29-13

Monday, blah-day.  Is it as yuck where you are as it is here?  After a few days of cold rain, I’m ready for some darn spring! What happened to sunny mornings at the farmer’s market?  72 degree runs on the greenway? Flowers? Strawberries? I almost feel bad about complaining about the canker worms and pollen…
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Mexican Chocolate Cake Recipe

mexican chocolate cake recipe

I luh-hove Mexican food.  For proof, check out this Menus on Mondays meal plan.   I didn’t realize it until after I posted it, but three out of the six dinner meals would be considered tex-mex. I’ve always found it odd when people claim they don’t like Mexican food.  Take my mother for example, she…
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