My Very Own Pinterest To-Do List

pinterest to do list

I figure most of us are lovers of Pinterest.  I happen to be an addict.  I find inspiration to make my life brighter, happier and more delicious.  The only problem… Sometimes my pins get buried in my boards never to resurface again.  So, I thought I’d go through some of pins and pull out a…
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Top Five List: Reasons to Host a Playdate


We’re bring back the Top Five list.  Fridays are great for lists, if you ask me.  It’s time to get to the fun stuff.  No lengthy posts, no concentration required.  We’re gonna be brief, be bright and be gone!  Our Top Five lists can represent your favorite (or least favorite!) anything… Have one to share?…
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Top Five Lists! Giveaway Opportunity!

top five anything

Top Five Yard Decorations that Drive Me Bonkers.   Top Five Party Treats that I Can’t Stop Eating.   Top Five Baby Products I wish I Knew About For My Baby Registry.   Top Five Crock Pot Ideas for Cold Winter Days. Top Five Holiday Traditions. Top Five Style Pics for This Winter.   Top…
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Top Five List, Quotes Heard Around Our Home by Heather Cellini

Every now and then, brilliant utterances can be heard around our home.  The problem is, I can’t remember any of them.  But I can assure you that what was said was exceptionally insightful, extraordinary and inspirational. However, most things we say fall more along the lines of slightly amusing and hardly worth repeating.  So, naturally,…
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Top Five List, What Your Pre-K Teacher Wants You to Know

This, my dear readers, is an anonymous Top Five List provided by a reader and obviously, a Pre-K teacher that feels as parents, there are a few things we should know.  Here is their list.  It’s blunt, but I’m a shoot it to me straight kinda gal! photo cred: 1. When we send a…
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Top 5 Favorites, A List for New Moms by Noelle Davenport


Aside from the car seat (we love our Chicco KeyFit 30), these have been my Top 5 Favorite, Most Useful Baby items for the first year: 1. Baby Hawk carrier.  It’s perfect for wearing baby around the house as well as in public. Allows you to have both hands free so you can get things…
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Top Five List: Raquel Durban Survives the “Newborn Stage”

As a new mommy, I have found every moment with my daughter, Ava, to be insanely awesome.  My Top Five List is a small tribute to how my husband and I have survived the sleepless nights without eating frozen pizzas every night. 1.  Burp rags are multi-purpose.  One afternoon my mother-in-law, Darlene, came over visit. …
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Random Things I Say All Too Often, a Top Five List by Lauren F.

From the mom who brought us her “Giving Birth on the Side of I-485″ story, I bring to you another fun post from guest blogger and CMF Reader, Lauren Fermaglich: 1) It’s not bribery, it’s positive reinforcement!Several times a week, I will have a conversation with a mommy friend, where she will lament having to…
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Family Favorites, A Top Five List from Shannon H.

Shannon Hyde shares her Top Five list for things her family enjoys the most!  Do you share a love for anything on this list?  What would you add? 1.  Angela’s Sugar Shack Cakes 2.  Step 2 Choo Choo Wagon 3.  The playground at Sharon Baptist Church: it’s shaded, fenced and has age-appropriate areas. 4.  The…
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Things NOT to Say to Pregnant Lady, a Top Five List

This Top Five list is from Beth W., mom to three under three.  Her oldest turned 3 in April, and she also has an 18 month old and now a 4 month old – all girls, all sassy. She’s been pregnant for about 75% of her marriage!!!  I’m sure she’s heard it all, and this…
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Favorite Toys for The Non-Techno’s: A Top Five List by Kristen M.

In this techno-driven world, my family was left behind. We just purchased our first computer this year (only because our hand-me-down computer broke). We’ve never bought a television (although we do have parents who give nice gifts, including TV’s), and I’ve only played Angry Birds once on a smartphone. And since my kids have no…
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I Hope That I Am The Kind of Mom That… A Top Five List by Leslie S.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I spent a great deal of time thinking about what she would look like, if she would have a personality more like myself or my husband, or what it would feel like to hold her, rock her, and see her smile for the first time.  I’m pregnant again,…
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