SeasonsEatings: Pin to Win with Harris Teeter + Skillet Cookie Recipe

skillet cookie

*Don’t miss the Harris Teeter gift card giveaway at the end of the post!* For those of you that know me, you know this: I don’t really do “crafty.”  I do cooking.  I do running.  I do boozing.  But crafty – not my thing.  And crafty baking? Forget about it.  Needless to say, I felt…
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Five on Friday 11/15: Weekend Events in Charlotte, Atlanta & Raleigh

five on fridays turkey

Sorry it’s been a few weeks.  This little ditty takes some time to put together and I’ve realized it can’t be a last minute production.  Pardon my delinquency and let’s just get right down to it.  Here are some fun family weekend events for your neck of the South. Charlotte 1. Lollipops Concert: Adventures in…
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Five on Fridays: Activities for Charlotte, Atlanta and Raleigh Families

five on fridays oct 26

Whatcha doing this weekend? Don’t know? At your service… Mom Favorites will now be bringing you 5 things to do in your hood every Friday. That is, if your hood is Charlotte, Atlanta, or Raleigh! Have an suggestions? Email Katie at Katie(dot)Harding(at)gmail(dot)com with ideas. Want to see your city featured? Let us know and we’ll…
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Back it Up before you Back it Up: The Case of the Flushed Cell Phone

toilet phone

I was having dinner with my sister the other night and we noticed that she had a new phone.  Upgrade?  Nope, her other one got “lost.” “What happened?” I inquired. “I flushed it down the toilet,” she replied matter-of-factly.  At which point, all conversation ceased and a few people start giggling. “Did you not see…
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How to Host: A Beer Tasting Party

beer tasting

*Don’t miss the $100 Harris Teeter Gift Card Giveaway at the end of the post! * Have you ever been to a wine tasting?  With all of the pomp and circumstance of pouring, swirling, sniffing and sipping?  Generally, there’s a lecture about which hillside the grapes were grown on… Eager participants question the winemaker regarding…
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Happy Birthday Captain Graham

pirate graham sm

Dear Graham, When I had a baby, I never, ever envisioned having a five-year-old.  Not in my wildest dreams.  And now, with a blink of an eye.  Here you are.  A big boy.  I am so proud of you, so entertained by you, and so in love with you. You have made such milestones this…
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Moms Demand Action: An Editorial Guest Post

moms demand action

***This is a Guest Post by Suzanne Rallis Conway.  The opinions stated are not necessarily those shared by our staff, advertisers, or sponsors… although if you know me (Katie), you probably know what I think about this… (Hint… I liked the facebook page)*** On December 14th, 2012, I wept. I hugged my kids a little…
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Support Local Moms and Enter a Boppy Giveaway!

new mom

Ask most moms…. After giving birth to a baby, what’s the next challenging thing?  Many of us will say: Breastfeeding!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it blows my mind that the human race has survived as long as it has, being so dependent as it is on nursing mothers.  It’s not…
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Earth Fare Giveaway

earth fare giveaway

If y’all saw the giveaway I shared yesterday about Block & Grinder, or follow my Menus on Mondays series, you know… I’m big on happy meats and using local, organic produce.  Thankfully, both are easy to come by these days with the awesome selection of grocery stores and farmers markets available in Charlotte.  One of…
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Fab’rik: A Mom Favorite’s Top Pick and Event Opportunity


Once upon a time in the land before kids I, Katie Harding, used to shop in “real” stores.  I went to a mall, on a weekend no-less, and wandered the halls of shops at leisure.  I perused racks of clothing, and actually didn’t grimace if a dress cost $225.  One had to look like a…
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Moving with Children: Unpakt Makes it Easier! {+ Unpakt Promo Code!}


It’s official: the house is on the market.  Anyone looking for an awesome home in South Charlotte? Give me a buzz. I’ve got the home for you!  I’m hoping we’ll find a home that will replace my sadness for leaving this house that I’ve become so fond of.  When we do, the stress of not…
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Becoming the Mother of a Four Year Old


Oh Four!  How I”ve been fearing you.  I both hated and adored three with its joyous cuddles, horrendous temper tantrums, and surprisingly intelligent conversation (sometimes).  I”m sad to see that three year old little boy say goodbye and thrilled to meet this great big four year old.  On my son”s birthday last week he asked…
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