Transitioning to Bedtime: One Amazing Tip

graham green

Struggling with transitioning to bedtime? Riled up kids hard to soothe? You’ll want to read this! When we knew we were bringing a third child into our family, we had to make a tough decision.  Give up our guest room or move the two older boys into a bedroom together.  Jon’s parents live out-of-state and…
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A Personal Update and a Little Bit About Swiffer

swiffer box

On Monday, my baby James will be 9 weeks.  Next week also marks my six week date from having major surgery.  I’ll post more on both of those soon.  I needed to put some time between the events and writing about them.  I needed to heal both emotionally and physically. I’m happy to say that…
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Bag Chore Game – End the Whining & Complaining!

Bag Chore Game,

By Guest Blogger Cassie of The Thrifty Couple Would you like to know a secret to getting your kids to help around the house without complaining? Would you like to see the nooks and crannies of your home cleaned every month or so with ease?  Enter the Bag Chore Game! I know, this sounds totally…
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Fall Fun in Charlotte, NC!

Fall Fun in Charlotte, NC:

By Guest Blogger Sarah Sofia Knepp I’m thrilled to be guest posting today for Katie, at! As a wedding and event planner and stylist I usually blog about my events, entertaining and décor tips.  However, this post allows me to step out of my normal comfort blogging zone and share my personal life with…
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Rainbow Smash Cake DIY

DIY Rainbow Smash Cake,

By Guest Blogger Kristen Kelly For my son’s 1st  birthday, we scheduled a smash cake photo session with our favorite Cleveland photographer, Brittany Gidley Photography. I had shopped around at cake shops, and found that most don’t sell smash cakes, and those that do charged more than I wanted to pay.  So, I decided to…
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Mommy Humor: How To Tell Your Lawn Guy You’re Very Sorry

Mommy Humor,

By Guest Blogger Abbie Gale Because every mom could use a dose of Mommy Humor! I was pulling out of my driveway yesterday when I saw one of our yard guys running up the hill from the backyard. He was screaming and waving his arms for my attention. I stopped and rolled down my window….
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Helping Siblings Adjust to a New Baby

Helping Siblings Adjust to a New Baby,

By Guest Blogger Betsy Finn Becoming a big brother or sister is exciting for any kid — but can be tough too. No matter how well you’ve prepared your child, there is still an acclimation period when reality sets in. We recently welcomed our second child into our family, and while we had done a…
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Social Media Stranger Danger: What do You Share?

Social Media Stranger Danger,

This post was written by Kelley Crowe, originally published on her own blog, The Best Crowe’s Nest. Kelley is a SAHM and blogger to two kids. This post is about her Social Media Stranger Danger experience and what she learned. Social media is a huge part of most peoples lives these days. With smart phones, tablets,…
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Tips for Getting Monthly Baby Photos

Tips for Monthly Baby Photos,

By Guest Blogger Kristen Kelly The months before my son was born, I learned about monthly baby photos from browsing Pinterest and seeing friends on Facebook post their own images.  I knew I wanted to try this once he arrived! Here is the result, as well as some tips I learned along the way, that…
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Cherishing the Small Moments: Tum-E Yummies Kids Water Enhancer

Tum-e Yummies Water Enhancer,

Those of you that I know personally know I’ve been through an incredibly challenging time in my life.  I’ve faced some very unexpected health troubles after having my baby, and it’s taken a long time for me to pull myself back up.  I do plan to share with y’all what has been going on.  Not…
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Edible Water Beads: Craft & Play

Edible Water Beads,

Hello Mom Favorites readers! I’m Victoria, I’m a stay at home mother of two beautiful little girls, Squiggles (18 months) and Bubbles (3.5years).  My girls and I love exploring and learning together, and I enjoy blogging about some of our experiences on my blog, Squiggles and Bubbles. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to…
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DIY Paper Plate Parrots – a Great Playdate Craft!

DIY Paper Plate Parrot,

How many of you love bird crafts? We at LOVE them!! I have a gang of Little girls who come home every weekend to make a craft and they almost always want to make something “cute” Here is one such very pretty craft for you. DIY Paper Plate Parrots Materials: One small  circular paper plate – Either…
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