Exploring Latta Plantation & Nature Preserve: Charlotte, NC


Exploring Latta Plantation in Charlotte, NC by Guest Blogger Sarah I’m thrilled to be guest posting today for Katie, at MomFavorites.com! As a wedding and event planner and stylist, I usually blog about my events, entertaining and décor tips.  However, this post allows me to step out of my normal comfort blogging zone and talk about…
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Angel Food Cake with Arnold Palmer Glaze + More Milo’s Tea Recipes!

Angel Food Cake with Arnold Palmer Glaze, www.MomFavorites.com

It’s really, really hot, and I’m really, really pregnant.  These two things do not go well together.  Remember the game Edward Fortyhands from the college days?  No?  Hmmm.  Well, google that, then picture me, eight months pregnant, but sub the beer for tall insulated glasses of Sweet Tea or Lemonade. That’s literally a picture of…
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Me Time for Moms with #CrestProHealth

me time for moms crest pro health

Me Time for Moms Is More Accessible When you Set Priorities! I just got off the phone with another mom-friend of mine.  We were trying to find time to meet together without kids.  Hah!  With 5 (let’s say 5.5) kids between us, that task was nearly impossible.  Needless to say, time is a precious commodity…
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Carolinas Aviation Museum

Carolinas Aviation Museum

Aaaa-bane! Aaaa-bane! (Airplane) My almost 2 year old shouts whenever we’re outside and catch one skimming across the sky. Little boys just adore airplanes, so last Saturday we corralled the kids and headed to the Carolinas Aviation Museum. The Carolinas Aviation Museum is located near the Charlotte airport. They offer a hands-on education workshop for…
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Summer Vacation Bound? Vacay Foods Giveaway & Recipe Collection

vacay beach

{Don’t miss the Vacay Foods $150 Giveaway and the Summer Vacation Recipe Collection at the end of the post!} The Summer Beach Trip – you going?  I’d like to throw a personal pity party…. this is the first year in many that I am staying home-bound for the summer.  You know, third trimester and all….
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Happy Mother’s Day – A Keurig Giveaway from Mom Favorites!

keurig giveaway 2

Tag your mom-friends on Facebook with a link to this post for 10 points in our Mini Keurig Giveaway! Jon asked me if I was excited about Mother’s Day this morning.  My response was a ho-hum, “Should I be?” Then I felt bad.  I mean, it is a day to celebrate mom’s.  I’m a mom….
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I <3 Mexican Food: Check out Chuy’s Charlotte + GIVEAWAY

chips margarita

{Don’t miss the Chuy’s Charlotte Giveaway at the end of the post!} After putting together the Month of Meals post for May yesterday, I came to two conclusions: 1:  I’m eating a heckuva lot more bacon than usual. 2:  I love Mexican food. #1 is most likely a symptom of my pregnancy.  The first two…
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Momma Makeover – Review and Tah-Tah Makeup #Giveaway


Don’t miss the Momma Makeover Giveaway with Tah-Tah Makeup at the end of the post! “You look rough.” “Are you getting enough sleep?” “Still feeling sick?” “Was it this bad with your last?” “You’re looking a little…peaked.” These are the questions I heard and things that were said to me for pretty much my entire…
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Holes. In My Ears? On Purpose! Professional Lobe Piercing


“Holes – in my ears? With a needle?? On purpose?!?” was S’s 5 year old response as we strolled by a tween getting her ears pierced in the mall a few months ago. She knew mommy could wear earrings but hadn’t determined how I arrived at that privilege. I think she figured the holes grew…
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Nana’s Soul Food Kitchen – Mommy’s Favorite Thing to Make for Dinner is Reservations


Good food feeds the soul, and Nana’s Soul Food Kitchen serves up soul-filling comfort foods. Nana’s offers an array of Southern home cooked favorites, including fried chicken and fish, smothered pork chops, ribs, amazing macaroni and cheese – and yams the kids are still talking about. The environment at Nana’s is very casual and relaxed….
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SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord Aquarium – NOW OPEN!

sea life 3 title

Dude.  Coming back from vacation is tough.  Especially when coming back from the Caribbean sans kids.  Especially when my hubs and I caught a stomach virus on the way back and spent our first two days back battling for the toilet.  Yeah, it’s been unpleasant at the Harding household.  That’s what I get for sending beautiful…
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Sexy After Baby


Laundry. Kids. Exhaustion. Lactation. It’s a universal truth – once you become a mommy your body isn’t quite the same again. There’s a little something extra here, a little something deflated there – but overall still in good working condition. Once I had my daughter I awarded my body a badge of WOW for it’s…
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