Mommy Humor: Passive Aggressive Gifting

Mommy Humor: Passive Aggressive Gifting,

By Guest Blogger Abbie Gale Because every mom could use a dose of Mommy Humor! If you give my son a gift like this on his birthday he will think you are a…ROCK STAR!  I will be asking myself what the heck I ever did to you to deserve you giving my son this “evil…
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A Personal Update and a Little Bit About Swiffer

swiffer box

On Monday, my baby James will be 9 weeks.  Next week also marks my six week date from having major surgery.  I’ll post more on both of those soon.  I needed to put some time between the events and writing about them.  I needed to heal both emotionally and physically. I’m happy to say that…
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Mommy Humor: How To Tell Your Lawn Guy You’re Very Sorry

Mommy Humor,

By Guest Blogger Abbie Gale Because every mom could use a dose of Mommy Humor! I was pulling out of my driveway yesterday when I saw one of our yard guys running up the hill from the backyard. He was screaming and waving his arms for my attention. I stopped and rolled down my window….
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How to Stop Mommy Guilt in Its Tracks

Putting an End to Mommy Guilt,

Hi everyone! I’m Selena from Look! We’re Learning! and I’m here to talk about something just about all moms can relate to: mommy guilt. No matter how loving and devoted we are to our families, it’s so easy to feel like we’re not doing enough for our kids. Let’s face it – parenting is hard…
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Social Media Stranger Danger: What do You Share?

Social Media Stranger Danger,

This post was written by Kelley Crowe, originally published on her own blog, The Best Crowe’s Nest. Kelley is a SAHM and blogger to two kids. This post is about her Social Media Stranger Danger experience and what she learned. Social media is a huge part of most peoples lives these days. With smart phones, tablets,…
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Tips for Getting Monthly Baby Photos

Tips for Monthly Baby Photos,

By Guest Blogger Kristen Kelly The months before my son was born, I learned about monthly baby photos from browsing Pinterest and seeing friends on Facebook post their own images.  I knew I wanted to try this once he arrived! Here is the result, as well as some tips I learned along the way, that…
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Charlotte Date Night Spots

Charlotte Date Night Spots,

Hi Everyone! I’m Chrissie, and I blog about Charlotte restaurants and events over at Off the Eaten Path. Sometimes the best way to explore a new restaurant or new cuisine is with a significant other; it’s a new adventure the two of you can share together. Dining out also is a great excuse to get…
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How to Find Me-Time as a Stay at Home Mom

Finding Me-Time as a Stay at Home Mom,

Hi everyone! It’s Selena from Look! We’re Learning! and today I wanted to share a few pointers for finding “me time” when you’re a stay-at-home mom. My husband and I have four children under the age of 10, we homeschool them, and we only have one vehicle, so I’m at the house with all four…
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Work at Home Mom Style

Dressy Outfits, Work at Home Mom Style,

Hi! My name is Cate and I blog over at  An aspiring career Woman turned Work at Home Mom, figuring out what type of clothing to wear has been a slight struggle. One of the benefits of working from home is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on dress clothes…
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10 Tips for Managing Depression for Parents

Tips for Managing Depression for Parents,

Hi, I’m Candace from His Mercy is New! I’m honored to be sharing with Mom Favorites today some practical ideas that have helped me on my journey through motherhood with depression. These tips can be for the mom that is struggling OR for for those of you that have a friend that might be struggling….
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Month of Meals Recipe Box – September 2014

Quick & Easy Dinners: Month of Meals -

An entire Month of Meals for your September Recipe Box! With the start of school and all of the stress that comes with it, take a load off!  Mom Favorites has collected a whole bunch o’ recipes for you that are family friendly, easy to make and categorized by diet!  I am personally a huge…
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DIY Rope Bracelet: Fashion from a Hardware Store

DIY Rope Bracelet

Howdy Friends! I am Carmody of Paper & Fox , your source for Crafty Projects and Clever Ideas. I grew up and live in Charlotte, North Carolina with husband and two little boys. I am a big “DIY” fan and I don’t believe you need a lot of money to decorate, style or add fun…
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