Cherishing the Small Moments: Tum-E Yummies Kids Water Enhancer

Tum-e Yummies Water Enhancer,

Those of you that I know personally know I’ve been through an incredibly challenging time in my life.  I’ve faced some very unexpected health troubles after having my baby, and it’s taken a long time for me to pull myself back up.  I do plan to share with y’all what has been going on.  Not…
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BumpBox – The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

bumpbox open

{Don’t miss the bumpBox giveaway at the end of the post! It makes the perfect Baby Shower gift!} I was pretty straightforward with my friends with baby #3.  No baby shower.  No sprinkle.  Nothing.  Seriously.   We have so much baby stuff, and our friends were so generous with showers during my first pregnancy and…
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{WIN} Jamberry Nails Wraps Mommy-Daughter Pedicure

Jamberry Nails Wrap

Welcome to our first vlog (video blog)! With summer upon us it’s flip flop and sandal time causing toes to be bared. This is a great opportunity to feature one of my new favorite products – Jamberry Nail Wraps. My five year old and I are obsessed – check out what all the fuss is…
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oh sweet mbaby – Review + Giveaway

mbaby set sm

I have to admit… as far as baby #3 is concerned. I’m in denial. Yes, I’m 30 weeks pregnant. Yes, he’s kicking like a little soccer player in my belly as we speak. But no, I still cannot fathom what my family is going to be like with three children. Wild?  That’s probably a good…
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#MonthofMeals Menu Collection – June Menu Plan!

june menu plan month of meals collection

{Don’t miss the Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway at the end of the post!} 7 more days of school left. My kindergartener is thrilled; I’m nervous.  I’m still not clear on how I’m going to manage everything.  But… the month of meals for my June menu plan should help. I love that most of the meals…
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Backyard Fun: Popsicle Chalk, Bird Houses & Active Play + Giveaway

Popsicle Chalk and other outdoor activities

It’s been a loooooong few days.  My husband has been on a three-night, four-day bike ride with friends, and I’ve been home with the boys, trying to work and trying to play with them.  It’s been stressful, it’s been messy, and it’s been FUN!  We’ve been cooking ribs, winning tee-ball game balls, lunching with friends,…
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{WIN} A Custom Artwork Jewelry from

blogger-image--1538298435 (1)

{Scroll to the bottom to enter to WIN a customized piece of jewelry} Since becoming a mommy, time FLIES by. Five years has passed at break neck speed. They grow and develop so quickly and learn to do so much. I find myself trying to take mental pictures of these moments, {CLICK} and they’re gone….
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Summer Vacation Bound? Vacay Foods Giveaway & Recipe Collection

vacay beach

{Don’t miss the Vacay Foods $150 Giveaway and the Summer Vacation Recipe Collection at the end of the post!} The Summer Beach Trip – you going?  I’d like to throw a personal pity party…. this is the first year in many that I am staying home-bound for the summer.  You know, third trimester and all….
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Celebrating Siblings: Bringing Home Baby

celebrating siblings

{Host a Big Brother or Sister Party for Celebrating Siblings after Baby} When you bring home a new baby, you’re bringing a lot more than just an infant into your house.  You’re bringing tired parents, a noise and poop machine, and a lot of guests all excited to do one thing – see the baby….
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Happy Mother’s Day – A Keurig Giveaway from Mom Favorites!

keurig giveaway 2

Tag your mom-friends on Facebook with a link to this post for 10 points in our Mini Keurig Giveaway! Jon asked me if I was excited about Mother’s Day this morning.  My response was a ho-hum, “Should I be?” Then I felt bad.  I mean, it is a day to celebrate mom’s.  I’m a mom….
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I <3 Mexican Food: Check out Chuy’s Charlotte + GIVEAWAY

chips margarita

{Don’t miss the Chuy’s Charlotte Giveaway at the end of the post!} After putting together the Month of Meals post for May yesterday, I came to two conclusions: 1:  I’m eating a heckuva lot more bacon than usual. 2:  I love Mexican food. #1 is most likely a symptom of my pregnancy.  The first two…
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Momma Makeover – Review and Tah-Tah Makeup #Giveaway


Don’t miss the Momma Makeover Giveaway with Tah-Tah Makeup at the end of the post! “You look rough.” “Are you getting enough sleep?” “Still feeling sick?” “Was it this bad with your last?” “You’re looking a little…peaked.” These are the questions I heard and things that were said to me for pretty much my entire…
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