Beautiful Spring Strawberry Salad

spring strawberry salad

Don’t forget to pin this Great Big Bowl of Wonderful (a.k.a. Spring Strawberry Salad)! As I continue to creep along in this infernal hot-mess I call pregnancy, I’ve learned to manage my days by giving in to my cravings: lots of naps, pajama pants (except for when jumping into photos with my kids), and eating….
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Easy & Elegant Easter Dinner Menu

Oreo Trifle for Easter

I did it folks.  I made Easter dinner, documented the ingredients and how I cooked it as I went, then photographed it.  All before Easter.  I’ll take my bow now.  I promised an Easter Dinner Menu in my #MonthofMeals, and here it is.  Super easy, way elegant, and a fantastic way to celebrate spring with…
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Join the Party – Do Tell Tuesday Link Party

do tell

Holla!  I’m pretty darn excited to join in as Co-Host of Do Tell Tuesday!  A pretty fab Link Party that I always make a special effort to join in on!   New to the scene?  Don’t be a wallflower…. Click here for the full rundown on how to participate and…   Welcome to Do Tell Tuesday!…
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Marinara & Spinach Pesto Italian Fondue – Family Dinner Time with Barilla

barilla8 main

Create a memorable family dinner with Italian Fondue using Barilla Pasta and Sauce! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Barilla, but opinions are my own. Growing up, I remember family dinners.  Almost every single night.  And, almost every night was the same: “What are we having?” “Again? Ugh.” “School was fine.” “Can…
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#MonthofMeals April – Your Monthly Menu Collection

month of meals april 2014

Happy (almost) April! I’ve never been so excited about spring coming. In my life. Winter was brutal. We can all only hope that with April will come sunshine and flowers and all things beautiful. Oh yea, and pollen. But that’s another blog post. April cooking means new seasonal veggies – you’ll see plenty of asparagus…
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An Updated Classic: Tuna Noodle Casserole + Starkist Giveaway


Don’t miss the Tuna Noodle Casserole Recipe and Starkist Gourmet Selects Tuna Giveaway at the end of the post! It’s been a rough week at the Harding House. It all started Tuesday. Graham-man came bounding down from his room excited for a walk that he was doing with his class. “You’re coming, right Mommy?” I…
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St. Patrick’s Day Activities – a Roundup for the Un-Crafty

st patricks day activities

I’ve never claimed to be the craftiest girl on the block.  In fact, I pretty much avoid anything related to paint, glitter, glue and marker related.  Although I’d like to claim it’s genetic (my mother also is craft-averse), my boys freakin’ love arts and crafts.  Oh boy. I’ve got all of the stuff.  I even plan…
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Southern Side Mason Jars – with Hurst BBQ Bacon Baked Beans

southern side 3

What’s more Southern than Southern Side Mason Jars at your Spring Picnic? In Charlotte, the second question people generally ask you (after “What church do you go to?”), is “Where are you from?”  Innocuous sounding at first, this is actually a test.  Very few people (of my age), were actually born here.  Sure, it’s a…
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March 2014: Month of Meals

march recipes for the month

Alright, as promised…. Month of Meals is back!  I’m sorry for leaving y’all in the lurch for January and February.  I wasn’t up for much cooking and simply couldn’t stomach the thought of pouring through recipes to find something edible for all of us to eat.  If you were to take a peek in my kitchen…
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Secret Ingredient Slow Cooker Chili

chili beans

Hello!  When y’all read this post, I’ll be vacationing in the sunny Caribbean.  I’ve never felt less-deserving or more excited about a vacation in my life.  I’ve been so out of it with first trimester woes, that I’ve hardly worked.  Even still, I’m chomping at the bit to plop my pregnant butt in the sand….
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Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Mason Jar Gifts

vday cocoa mason jar gifts

I’ve been absent.  Not just from my blog, but from life.  Since discovering that I am pregnant, I’ve been in hibernation.  Legit hibernation. No TV or computer.  It gave me motion sickness.  No interest in food.  It made me throw up.  I couldn’t do anything really except be in bed.  But, as I’m nearing my…
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Good Luck Cooking: Black Eyed Pea Cassoulet for the New Year

black eyed pea cassoulet

Not a big believer in superstitions, I don’t fret too much when it’s Friday the 13th, nor do I go running to look for gold at the bottom of every rainbow.  But, when it comes to creating a New Year’s Day meal filled with lucky foods?  Bring it.  I can totally get behind eating for…
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