Mom Favorites Guest Blogger Series

Mom Favorites Guest Blogger Series

It’s FINALLY that time.  The time where I am taking a bit of maternity leave and I turn over to some great Guest Bloggers. You’ll still hear from me every now and then… I’ve got some #MonthofMeals coming your way and a few other scheduled posts.  But for the most part, for the next several…
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Bloglovin’ Blog Hop #47


Tweet Hi y’all – I’m so stinkin’ excited to be participating as a co-host in the Happy Kids Bloglovin’ Blog Hop for the next few months!   This is a blog hop I’ve regularly participated in and am glad to bring it to you here.  Add your link, follow some fellow bloggers and join in…
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Is Your Blog Brand Ready?

brand ready

If you’re a blogger and you want to work with brands, this post is for you!  Over the last few weeks several of my clients through my business, B2K Social Media, have been in the business of securing bloggers to work with for various campaigns.  So, needless to say, I’ve been trolling through thousands of blogs.  I’ve…
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Get Schooled in Blogging

blogger tips

Every so often, I get asked for tricks of the blogging-trade.  I’ve been on the blogging scene for awhile now.  I started my original blog, Charlotte Mom Favorites back early 2010.  I started the blog because I love to write and had a small audience with the playgroup I started.  So I wrote about mom-stuff…
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Best in Blogs: Blog Beat, Dec ’12 vol. 2


Did you know that BOB strollers recently had a recall? The problem is fixable, but should be done. Did you know that certain Evenflo high chairs and children’s bed rails were also recalled? Yeah… You can be updated about all of these recalls, including items you are bringing into your home courtesy of Santa this…
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Best in Blogs: Free stuff and more! Dec ’12 vol. 1

chair cover giveaway

It’s been a busy week over here as I assume it is in your home too.  Nothing like December 1st to roll around and make you feel  a little anxiety about not having done your Christmas shopping yet.  I confess, I procrastinate.  And because I imagine most of you are compiling lists and shopping like…
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Best Blogs of the Week: Blog Beat, Nov. ’12 vol. 4

sheep fail

Haven’t had time to navigate the bloggy world to find the best blog posts this week?  No worries, I’ve done it for you this week, plus I wanted to share a few posts I’ve shared with other networks… (yeah, I know, I’ve been cheating on you.  But just a wee bit, so don’t get too…
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In Other Blogs: Nov. ’12, vol.3


Heirloom Family Recipes, Creative Leftovers, Family Volunteering & Mix Tapes Need a last minute menu helper for tomorrow?  I shared two wonderful family “heirloom” recipes  with  If you have yet to discover the perfect stuffing/dressing, you’ll want to check out this recipe for Wild Rice Sausage Stuffing.  Family legend has it that this recipe…
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In Other Blogs, November vol 1. #Linkup

helping hands

Where I’ve been and what you’ve loved: A #Linkup Party! I’m probably not supposed to admit this, but I’m glad Halloween is over.  I feel that Halloween (much like Valentine’s Day) boasts way too much creative pressure… and advanced planning.  Let’s admit it, crafty I am not, and I live to put things off.  Needless…
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In Other Blogs, Oct ’12 vol. 3

reduce, reuse, recycle

This week, I’m getting back into my groove.  It’s taken me three weeks after being home from vacation, the whole family had to get sick and then get better, and I put the largest event of the year with my playgroup behind me on Saturday.  Phew.  Now, it’s getting back to the things that matter….
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In the Blogosphere: Aug Edition, vol.1

cleaning chart 2

Where I’ve been… what I’ve enjoyed reading: I shared one of my favorite organizational tools with Chiquita Moms this week.  Did you happen to see it?  You’ll be able to download {free} printables that outline a month of cleaning.  It’s helped my house stay clean and helped me stay organized. Dawn Fudge was kind enough to share…
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Blogger Tips – Linkup Party

There’s one thing I learn every time I meet a blogger, go to a blogging conference, read about new social media applications, or go through my RSS feed… when it comes to blogging, one can ALWAYS learn more. I’ve been blogging since spring of 2010, which isn’t all that long.  I’ve learned a lot along…
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