Editor and Charlotte Contributor, Katie Harding

Hi there, I’m Katie, the Editor of Mom Favorites. And here’s the best family pic that I could find of me and my husband, Jon, oldest son, Graham (7/08), and youngest son, Will (4/11). I want to fix Will’s hair, Graham’s smile, and all of our outfits, but such is life.

Our Atlanta Contributor, Joyce Brewer

Joyce Brewer knows Atlanta, blogging, and vlogging, TV, and all things media. She showcases her expertise in all of the above on her blog, www.MommyTalkShow.com.

Raleigh Contributor, Aurora Deluca
My name is Aurora, and yes, I was named after a certain Disney princess. I moved to Cary, NC with my husband, and my sweet, spunky little boy in April 2012, and in September we welcomed our beautiful little girl.

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