About Katie Harding

Hi there, I’m Katie, the Editor of Mom Favorites.  And here’s the best family pic that I could find of me and my husband, Jon, oldest son, Graham (7/08), and youngest son, Will (4/11).  I want to fix Will’s hair, Graham’s smile, and all of our outfits, but such is life.

Although it seems hard to believe, I wasn’t always a mom. Before cleaning bums and wiping noses, I worked in real estate selling urban mixed-use development.  Ahh…. Sometimes I miss the days of lunch meetings, happy hours, and going to the bathroom by myself.  Although, I wouldn’t trade my mom-gig for anything!

I started the South Charlotte Playgroup when my first son was three months old.  I needed some mom-friends!  Boy, did I ever find some, and some fabulous ones at that.  We are over 900 mom-members strong.  I credit most everything I’ve learned to these ladies. What I didn’t learn from my friends, I’ve learned from my boys.  They’ve opened my heart, my mind… and my check book.

Mom Favorites (originally Charlotte Mom Favorites) was started in 2010 as way to share my experiences and tips that I’ve learned along the way.  I hope you enjoy my tales of parenthood. And, keep in mind – I’m no expert. I’m just a gal, who married a boy, who I had two more boys with.  I’m starting to feel outnumbered here…

I hope you’ll love what you read here, get a few laughs, and share your own stories, too.  Thanks for stopping by.



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