Postpartum Supplies: For Expecting Moms

This post is all about Postpartum Supplies – the stuff gals need after having a baby, and it contains stuff a lot of people shouldn’t read. Therefore…

Warning: If you are a dude… STOP READING.  NOW.  Seriously, you don’t want to read this.  EVER.
Warning: If you are not pregnant and have never had a baby… STOP READING. NOW. There are things you do not need to know now.  I mean it.
Read only: If pregnant and expecting a baby OR you have birthed a baby and have advice or tips to share.

Have you decided what boat you’re in?  Am I safe to continue?

14 Must-Have Postpartum Supplies,
Now that I know you are expecting and you are expecting soon… welcome to MY  boat.  I’m in get-ready-for-baby mode BIG TIME.  I had been putting it off forever (third baby denial?), but now all of my actions seem to be baby focused.  I want to make sure everything is perfect and I have all of the supplies to make sure that bringing home my bundle of “joy” is as seamless as possible.

With this being my third, I KNOW I’m in for trouble.  I get the “postpartum blues” or depression.  I have hard deliveries.  You get very little sleep with a newborn.  I’ve got two other children to manage and the start of school.  Seamless, is not going to happen.  But, darnit, I will be prepared.

Planning for a baby can easily be compared to getting married.  Everyone talks about the delivery day (or wedding day), but you don’t really talk details about what happens after.  Sure you get the cookie sheets and bath towels -or- diapers and crib bedding, but this is all about the stuff  you need for you.  After you come home from the hospital.
Postpartum Supplies,

Here are the Postpartum supplies you’ll want to get before you go into labor, so you have them on hand when you come home:

Maxi Pads – Get the biggest you can find and get plenty.  You could be using them for up to four weeks.

Tucks Pads & Flushable Wipes – Things get a little “icky” down there after delivery.  Hopefully, that’s ‘nuf said.

Breast Pads & Cooling Pads – Hands down, the most comfortable breast pads are from Lansinoh.  Trust me on this one, and I’ve always found that the disposable ones are most convenient.  As far as the cooling gel pads though, I like the Medela brand.  These are good too if you’ve got sore boobs while pregnant.  They’re reusable.

Stool Softener –  My OB has always recommended Colace (or Peri-Colace if necessary).

Nursing Tanks and Bras –  Get plenty.  And in fun colors.  Target actually has in-store nursing wear, and I also really like the Glamour Mom tanks and the Bravado nursing bras.

Lanolin – I like the Medela brand; it’s a little easier too apply than others I’ve tried.

Prenatal Vitamins – You’ll still be taking these while you are nursing.
Postpartum Supplies,

Here are the Postpartum supplies you’ll want to take home from the hospital:

Disposable Panties – They’ve got really uncool mesh undies at the hospital.  They work, so may as well use ’em.

Foam (or any product they use to make you feel better down there) – May as well.

Lanolin Samples – These are great for your diaper bag or for scattering around the home wherever you might nurse.

Nursing Supplies the Lactation Consultant provides you during your stay – Your hospital stay isn’t cheap, and likely if you’ve used it during you’ll stay, you’ll need it at home.  Take it.

Sitz Bath (if they don’t let you take one home, you’ll wanna make sure you get one soon) – for regular deliveries, this little bottom-soak thingy is essential.

Squirt Bottle – Helps you clean up after going to the bathroom when it’s tender to wipe.

That’s my list folks.  What Postpartum Supplies did I miss? What would you add for those of you that have had c-sections?  Help a mother out and add your essential postpartum supplies!



  1. Jennifer says

    I found out with my second pregnancy that depends work great if you don’t have a big supply of mesh undies from the hospital! Also, put a bottle or cup of water everywhere you might sit down to nurse. Making milk makes me seriously parched and staying hydrated helps produce the milk needed. Oh and hospital pads, absorbent/waterproof cloths or even “puppy pads” made me more comfortable at night. It’s so not glamorous, but such a special time. :). Best of luck to you, Katie! I have 10 weeks to go with my third pregnancy and the morning school routine and everyone getting enough sleep has me the most anxious right now!

  2. Joli Jensen says

    I had a C-section in April… It was pre-planned & everything went great! My must-haves: coconut oil (instead of lanolin), lip balm… I loved having a nightgown/robe set from Motherhood maternity- I hate wearing pj pants to bed, so this was a must for me. I still wear them both constantly. Also slippers to walk the halls after surgery. Something cute to wear also made me feel pretty after that first glorious shower. Speaking of showers, on a whim I threw in one of those bath poufs with my body wash & it was wonderful. Since you can hardly stand at that point, your hubby has to wash you, & that pouf felt AMAZING after the c-section ordeal & not being able to shower for 36 hrs. That’ll be the first thing I pack for future babies!

  3. Elizabeth manning says

    I had 2 c-sections and the constipation and other issues can be worse than normal because you whole abdomin was shut down under the anesthesia. Colace was like placebo for me. Mirelax works well and should be continued for a while since constipation continues with rehab especially when breastfeeding. Also I recommend a fleets enema. I know its terrible to think about but when needed it is a life saver (and really not as bad as you might fear).

    Another rec for c-sections is a few ice packs if the kind you have to freeze. Or you can snag a couple from tge hospital – the kind you can just fill with ice.

    Also, it may not be right to consider it a ‘supply’ but I would strongly recommend a postpartum Doula, another life saver!

    Further, I would suggest you actually DO I form your man about this stuff. Its not like he won’t end up seeing it all and being prepared might help a little??

  4. Diana says

    Hi I am a mom of a 1 year old girl. The best purchase I have made were those silicone nipples for the first days of breastfeeding. Pain is serious and not funny and that strange gadget saved me.

  5. Sarah says

    So funny how it can be so different for so many people. I bled for 6 weeks after every baby and a friend of mine only did for a few days. I need an industrial size bra (32H) that can only be ordered online while the tanks work fine for most people. I also never felt any pain “down there” after birth but some women are really uncomfortable. I guess I want to tell a first time mom that it’s not as bad as you might be fearing and someone else’s horrible story isn’t how yours is going to go down. The nurses are always offering pain meds and medicated pads to put on your stitches after the baby is born but you might not even need them. You can bring your own Motrin from home instead of taking the hospital’s Motrin (obv ask your dr to make sure there is no reason you shouldn’t take it) and save yourself $$.
    It’s gonna be ok!

  6. Jess says

    For a c-section…the belly binder! They don’t provide them automatically, you have to ask. It’s basically a giant piece of elastic that velcros around your waist. Soooo much better than having to grab a pillow to hug anytime you cough or sneeze. Also, not a supply, but the best advise I got: use your hair dryer on the cool setting to dry your incision after showers, etc. Made life a little less painful versus having to pat dry.

  7. Crystal says

    I just delivered my 4th baby a week ago! AHHH life is CRAZY!!! Anyways, days 3-5 post baby, I had HORRIBLE and I mean HORRIBLE pains in my abdominal area. To the point that I couldn’t get out of bed. I am not breast feeding. My husband decided to buy spray on icy hot and let me say…… AMAZING!!! I used it on day 5 about 3 times throughout the day and took a shower before bed. Took 2 Motrin and put a bunch on. Hubby took care of baby all night so I could relax and sleep. I woke up with NO PAIN and have not had any pain since. It was a life saver!!

    Also, if this is your second or more baby. I recommend getting a big brother/sister gift. It really helped our kids to see that they are still very much important and thought of. It also helps ease the stress of all the crazy changes that come with having a new baby.

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