Bicycle Themed Nursery Reveal + Diaper Genie Refill & Target Promo

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I gotta be honest – I really didn’t have any intentions on doing a “new” nursery for the third child I’m having this summer.  We just moved less than a year ago, and when I decorated the room that is to be the nursery, I did a cute little truck theme for Will, who was 2 at the time.  It made perfect sense to me that we just swap out the toddler bed for a crib and call it a day.
Before: Toddler Truck Themed Room, Mom Favorites Then two weeks ago, when my husband and I finally caved and assembled the crib for the nursery, my (eco-conscious, bicycle-enthusiast) husband exclaimed, “You’re inundating our new baby with car culture!”

I looked at him in dismay.  I think my intelligent response was something along the lines of, “Huh?”   He then proceeded to declare (not unlike a child himself, might I add), “I want a bicycle themed nursery. Right here, right now.  Spend whatever you want.”  I may have used a little bit of creative license with the right here, right now bit.

Never to turn down an opportunity to go shopping, especially when it comes to home decor, I immediately set to refreshing my nursery.  I wasn’t quite sure my husband was  (a) serious about actually redoing the nursery or (b) serious about spending whatever I want, but I wasn’t going to ask questions.  

Hubs and the kids were planning a (bicycle) camping trip for the following week, and I decided I was going to surprise them with a brand new nursery when they got back.

Bicycle Themed Nursery - Before, Mom Favorites I set to work.  Clearly, it was not going to be an easy task, especially being 8 months pregnant.  (Don’t worry – my dad helped me move the super heavy stuff and helped me hang the art work once I threw out my back!)blank slate I’m no interior designer, but I do know one thing – I wasn’t going to be able to get anywhere with the mess o’ baby junk going on in this room…. so I emptied it and set up the furniture the way I thought it would work best.
Diaper Genie and Refills for Nursery Changing Station Then started with the fun stuff – ordering all of the bicycle themed items for my little (and big) guy.  I found so many great shops on Etsy that were willing to work on my tight schedule.  Then, I headed to Target to get the remaining essentials!  Ya know, like diapers, wipes, and the oh-so-important Diaper Genie and refill packs.  I’m not gonna go through all of this trouble to refresh my nursery and have it smell like poop!
The Essential Diaper Changing Station, No matter what theme you end up picking for your nursery – there is one thing that every nursery needs – a well thought out and prepped Diaper Changing Station.  This was the first thing I tackled in my nursery, because no matter where the baby sleeps once home, how you end up feeding them, or what they end up wearing… there are two guarantees: there will be diapers and they will be stinky.  I’ve found (with baby #1 & #2) that the Diaper Genie is the best pail for odor containment, and so was what I went with for this nursery too.

Admittedly, I was nervous about pulling this whole nursery reveal off for my husband in time (I only had three days to go from that mess-of-a-truck-themed-room to Bicycle Nirvana), but I LOVE how it turned out.  Here are the “after” photos.  What do you think?
Bicycle Themed Nursery,
Bicycle Themed Nursery,
Bicycle Themed Nursery,
Bicycle Themed Nursery, *You may have noticed that I omitted the dresser and shelving from the photos – I still have to do some drywall repair before completing the decor, but I’ll include the Etsy shops I purchased from in the list below so you have them as a resource.

Phew, that was a lot of work. And my back definitely suffered a wee bit from all of the rearranging! But, there’s a silver lining! Those Diaper Genie refills I bought at Target? Well, I plan to photograph my receipt and submit it to: for a $25 Spa Finder Wellness gift card. My nursery is refreshed, and I will be too: win, win. Oh, yeah – and y’all can participate in the promotion too, while supplies last!
Diaper Genie Baby Shower Gift, P.S. Diaper Genies and Diaper Genie Refills make great baby shower gifts too!

Etsy Shops where I found these amazing Bicycle Themed Nursery Decor Ideas:
– Bicycle Themed Sheets: Berry Bikey Baby
– Modern Crib Mobile: The Wonderland Studio
– Rustic White Bike Art: ShabbrusticChic
– Set of 4 Prints above Crib: Tessyla
– Set of 4 Navy & Light Blue Prints: Zeppi Prints
– Cornice above Window (used in Truck Themed Room, too): Simply Salvage
– Bicycle Gear Clock: 1byliz
– Original Bicycle Watercolor (not pictured): Fybur
– Large Bicycle Decal (not pictured): AzureRocket
Other: Rug, Diaper Genie and Diaper Genie refills from Target, Toy Basket, Green Throw and Pillow from Marshall’s, Colorful Baskets from Old Time Pottery.


  1. Rose Stapp says

    Everything looks great! I know your husband was happily surprized. Congratulations on your new baby and so glad I could be part of it :)


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