Happy Mother’s Day – A Keurig Giveaway from Mom Favorites!

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Jon asked me if I was excited about Mother’s Day this morning.  My response was a ho-hum, “Should I be?”

Then I felt bad.  I mean, it is a day to celebrate mom’s.  I’m a mom.  I have a mom.  I write a mom-blog.  I should be one happy Mother’s Day celebrating fool.  So, sorry hubs.  Yes, I’m excited.

I’m excited that I get to be the mom of two, soon three, boys.  I’m excited that I get to live so close to my own mom, who I have a great relationship with and am so glad gets to be near my children as I (attempt to) raise them.  And, let’s be honest, I’m a wee bit excited about panning out some of my mom-chores for the day.  😉

I’m also excited that I about my decision to give away one very awesome gift to my readers in honor of Mother’s Day…


Generally, when I’m approached by companies to do a review it goes a little something like this: What do you want me to review? What is the value of the product and is it worth my time to take photos and do a write up?  What’s in it for my readers?  What great thing can I give them?

keurig giveaway 1

Except recently, I was contacted by a PR company representing Keurig.  And although they didn’t have a product for me to give away, they did have a product for me to try and review.  And let’s be honest folks, I’m a coffee drinking gal.  So naturally (despite my love of securing my readers great goodies), I said yes.

Enter my new best friend: the Special Edition Keurig K60 Brewing System.  Seriously.  I love. LOVE. LOVE this thing.  Like, how did I ever live without it?  

keurig giveaway 2

I love that I can get a cup of coffee in a minute.  You know, for those afternoons when you feel yourself slipping into an afternoon nap….  I love that I can get a cup of freshly brewed iced tea in a minute.  You know, for when it’s steamy-hot outside and I have to go wait for the big yellow school bus… And, I love that I can get a cup of hot cocoa at night in one minute.  You know, for those moments when I really could house a giant bag of m&m’s, but a cup of chocolatey goodness will really do the trick…

So yes, I accepted the opportunity to brag about Keurig on my blog.  It’s a great gift.  It’s a great Mother’s Day gift.  It’s a great appliance that you don’t need an excuse to buy.  Just get it.

keurig 7

Ooh, and I really love the little organizer I found at the Container Store for all of my K-cups that I now find myself buying at the grocery store.  So convenient.  Had to share. 😉 (*note: the link is to the only on-line place I could find the one I have, but there are plenty of others similar to mine if you just google it.)

Now, I started to feel bad when contemplating this review.  Am I really going to tell my readers how much I love and use this thing without giving them one of their own? Nah, that just doesn’t seem right.

So Happy Mother’s Day from Mom Favorites.   Enter our giveaway for a Mini Keurig!  Don’t miss the special entry which gets you 10 points: Share this post on Facebook and tag a mom friend (or five)!  Tell them you think they are a GREAT mom and deserve a fab Mother’s Day gift!  Already have a Keurig? Enter anyways, and we’ll send you a collection of K-cups your way instead….

mini keurig giveaway

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*I was given a Keurig to facilitate my review.  However, Mom Favorites is providing the giveaway product.


  1. says

    I just found you through the Friday Facebook Hop! So glad I did, I love your site!! Excited to find fellow bloggers/friends via networking. Check out my blog too.
    Thanks :)

  2. Denise Davis says

    I know I’m the minority here but Keurigs make me itchy. I mean…all those little cups going in the trash that don’t have to!!! Yes. I know you can buy a reusable filter and brew your regular ground stuff, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose. This is my truth. That, and I’m a whole pot kinda girl. Do I have issues or not???? You are so sweet to give one away to people who aren’t weirdos like me though!! Happy Mothers Day to one of my fave mom friends!
    (So weird, Denise. .. so weird..)

  3. Mahdi Martin says

    I don’t have any kids, but what I really want for Mother’s Day is for my mom to be happy and forget her worries for a day.

  4. Trey Borders says

    Well, I am not a mom but I would LOVE to win my mom one of these! She has been hinting around for quite some time that she wants one of these!

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