St. Patrick’s Day Activities – a Roundup for the Un-Crafty

st patricks day activities

I’ve never claimed to be the craftiest girl on the block.  In fact, I pretty much avoid anything related to paint, glitter, glue and marker related.  Although I’d like to claim it’s genetic (my mother also is craft-averse), my boys freakin’ love arts and crafts.  Oh boy.

I’ve got all of the stuff.  I even plan to do a blog series on how I plan to actually use the craft supplies I (and therefore anyone) has on hand.  To gather a little momentum and inspiration towards that goal, I thought we’d do a little roundup of all of the great ideas for St. Patrick’s Day.  Down South it promises to be a lovely weekend, so we plan to get our craft on outside… where I can fret a little less about spilled paint and glitter tornadoes.

Some of the basic a St. Patrick’s Day activities that may be attempted:

st patricks day 1 shamrock men

 Shamrock Men from Sweet and Lovely Crafts

st patricks day 2 bell pepper clover print

Bell Pepper Clover Prints from Learn Play Imagine

st patricks day 3 rainbow fingerprint

Rainbow Fingerprint Craft from Sassy Dealz

st patricks day 4 paper chain necklace

Paper Chain Shamrock Necklace, originally from Spoonful (although link no longer active)
I think this one is self-explantory though.  Even for me.

And a little fuel in case the St. Patrick’s Day activities and crafting make you hungry….

st patricks day 5 cereal bars

 Lucky Charms Cereal Bars from Sugar and Cloth
I’m soooooo making these!

st patricks day 6 donut pops

St. Patty’s Day Donut Pops from Babble

And this completes 5 days of blogging for the week!  So long writer’s block!  Now, I gotta run out and get some lucky charms, because those cereal bars are so in my belly!

Happy Weekend,



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    Anyone can be crafty! Okay, I can’t imagine anyone not loving arts & crafts, so I’m biased. Looks like a great roundup either way. :]

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