Gender Reveal, Confession & Rant

My version of a Gender Reveal Party – a blog post!

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For those of you that don’t know: I’m pregnant.  With my third child.  If you haven’t been pregnant three times, let me fill you in:  it’s different.  You look pregnant earlier.  Strangers ask you if it’s your first.  When you say, “Nope, the third,” they either look at you like you’re either crazy, stupid, or trying to over-populate the world with the addition of your extra child.

“Were you trying?”  That’s my favorite question.  Um, let’s talk about my knowledge of sex and birth control options.  Because, that’s my favorite topic to chat up with strangers.

Ummmkay.  So now that I’ve vented about expecting a third child, allow me to refer you to my pregnancy announcement post: Number 3.  Our reason for having another child?  We love our family, and felt it would be complete with a third child.  We wanted to give my boys another sibling to support, love and occasionally terrorize.    I wanted to take care of another baby, a toddler, a kid…. I wanted one more child at Christmas.  And one more child to come back home from Christmas once our nest is emptied.  I wanted a family.  A bigger family.

I’m pretty stinkin’ happy about our decision to have a third child.  Especially now that I’m not hanging out 24/7 over a toilet.  Yeah, that first trimester was rough.

And, now I’d like to share that we are having… ANOTHER BOY!

I’ve delayed sharing this little tid-bit of information for a few weeks so I could let it sink in.  Sure, I was excited about the thought that we might have a girl, but it scared me too.  After finding out it was a boy, I was dismayed (again?!?!), but then realized – I was comforted.  I know boys.  I got this.  Plus, I’ve got the stuff.

It was a little hard to tell our family.  This is the seventh grandson in a row for my husband’s parents.  And I know my parents would have been over-joyed about a little girl.  Despite my insistence that I didn’t care about the gender, everyone has vocalized their desire for me to have a girl.  Well, folks.  It’s not.  SURPRISE!

People try to “comfort” me by saying, “Boys love their mommies.”  Guess what, y’all.  Kids love their mommies.  My children will love me, and I will love, love, love all three of them.  Am I sounding defensive?  Maybe I am.  I’ll defend this little guy and my boys whenever I need to.  Right?

boy clothes

The cutest boy clothes I could find! We revealed the gender to our family by having them unwrap a box with gender-themed clothes inside.

I’ll always be a little bitter about the lack of cute boys clothes compared to adorable girl outfits, but on the otherhand, I’ll be able to perfect my knowledge of all things cars, trucks and construction sites.  We’ll coordinate extracurricular activities (no dance or cheerleading here!), and guess what…. we don’t have to save for weddings!  

Yeah, I think I’ll survive be the happiest mom on the block.  That is, once I figure out how to handle three kids.  God bless….



  1. says

    Congratulations!! As a mom to (soon to be) two girls, I share your sentiments about others’ opinions. I’ve gotten looks of PITY (seriously?) especially when I share that we are probably done at 2 kiddos. You can read my thoughts here if you’re interested:

    So happy for you! <3 Go ahead and tell everyone with enthusiasm. If they aren't thrilled, then who needs 'em? 😉

    • Katie says

      I saw your post, and I hear ya! Everyone’s got an opinion – you only having two, me having three… whatevs. Do what you want to do and when you want to do it! Right?

  2. Suzanne C says

    So excited for you! I have 2 boys and love them so much that had we decided to go for more, I would have hoped for another boy. I totally agree with all of your reasons for wanting 1 more child…. support, support, support going out to you! I think big families are awesome! … and 3 is barely big. :)

  3. Sonya Morris says

    Congrats! People asked me the same questions when I was pregnant with #4! I had three girls and pregnant with a little boy and everyone kept asking if we were finished since we finally had our little boy. I keep thinking I am going to throw them all off and have another!

  4. says

    Ugh! I wish people would mind their own business! We have boy girl twins and I’m due with number three (a boy!) in 5 weeks. Everyone has commented to us that we had the perfect family and asked why are we ruining it! Seriously?!?

  5. Denise says

    You look adorable and so do those boy clothes!! Girl clothes are overrated- especially when they choose to dress themselves because what mother in her right mind would spend precious minutes redressing a child and fighting THAT battle when the kid has already taken care of his- or her- self???

    And that’s my little rant. And why my girls dont wear those precious little clothes that grandparents so desire ;o) God Bless you and your BOYS!!!

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