Norton Mobile Security Saves the Mom-Brain

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Curious how something so innocuous sounding can cure your case of addled Mom-Brain? Read on to discover why Norton Mobile Security is about to rock your world….

I recently took one of those Facebook quizzes.  You know, the really silly ones that always have predictable answers but that you can’t help but do even though you have thousands of other things to do? Well I did one.  And one of the questions was:

What can you NOT leave the house without?

1) Lipstick/Lip Balm
2) Diapers
3) Cell Phone/Smart Phone
4) Earrings
5) Pants

Ok, I made up #5, because I honestly can’t remember what it was.  But does it matter?  The clear answer is: CELL PHONE!  I mean, chop off my arm before you take my smart phone away from me.  It’s like my other better brain.

As a mom, social media addict, friend, blogger, and wife, a cell phone is not an option, it’s a way of life.  And, well, like all the good things in life, one best protect it.  I’ve not seen one avid smart phone user that doesn’t protect the phone itself – with a killer case sure to protect against falling out of a purse, dropping it into a toilet, lighting it on fire or being thrown out a car window by a tantrum-riddled toddler, but what about protecting your phone from getting stolen?  Lost?  Or God forbid – hidden by that toddler!?!?

If you know what I’m talking about, get ready to have your mind blown.  You’re about to hit yourself on the head and ask –




What’s this awesome? Norton Mobile Security.  Here’s why it’s your (and my) new best friend:

will #shop

Scenario 1: You’re at home.  You need to make a call.  You dig through your bottomless-pit-of-a-handbag.  Not there. You run out to the car and search under the seats.  Not there.  Turns out you left it at that playdate.  Hey, at least you remembered to bring your kiddo home.  Pat yourself on the back, then go to your computer and log into your Norton Mobile Security Account.  Click on CALL – You can then call your phone from your computer and whoever has it can answer it.  Because you never know who’s purse one of those kids threw your phone into…

fridge #shop

Scenario 2:  You’re at home.  You need to make a call. You follow the steps in Scenario 1 until you realize you did actually make a call once you had gotten home.  Meaning, your phone is around here, somewhere.  No worries.  Log into your Norton Mobile Security Account.  Click on SCREAM – Guess what will happen… Yep, your phone will start to scream.  Wander around your house until you hear it.  What’s that noise in the fridge?  Right next to the milk?  Figures.

Scenario 3: You’re at home.  You follow the steps in Scenario 1 and no one answers when you click on CALL.  You don’t hear your phone when you click on SCREAM.  Next step?  Click on LOCATE.  Your device will pop up on a map.  I tested it.  It works.  It’s insanely cool.

I’m beyond tickled about Norton Mobile Security.  When shopping, playdating (new word – just made it up), general thievery preventing this is one smart application.  And, if you’re concerned about hotspot security, Norton also has a product for that.  Of course, because they’ve thought of everything!

More fun from Norton Security: Norton will be helping shoppers stay safe and have fun.  Be sure to stop by one of their truck tour venues if you are nearby to:
San Antonio, TX at La Cantera mall from Dec. 19 – 22, Thursday-Friday 11am-7pm Sat-Sun 10am-8pm
CES Conference in Las Vegas, NV from Jan 7 through Jan 10

Here’s to Happy Holidays!  Shop Safe! Stay Smart.  Keep Sane.  And know where your phone is at all times.





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    There is no question. I need those security features. I too have found my phone in strange locations:) Norton Mobile Security = toddler prevention 101:) #client

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