The Ultimate Gift: Austin Lloyd Subscription Gift Service Review + Giveaway

Second kids have it rough.  They should be handed a warning at birth.

You will get hand me downs.  Your parents have this discipline thing down.  If you don’t eat your vegetables, you won’t get a second dinner.  If you scream really loudly, your mom will put in ear plugs.

True story.

All of that being said, I get a little giddy when Will gets something just for himself.  In all honesty, he probably thinks that a box is a hindrance to whatever fun thing lie inside.  Although, boxes can be fun too.  😉  I mention all of this because recently, I was offered an opportunity to sample a subscription box from Austin Lloyd, perfect for ages infant through three years.  Having received similar boxes in the past from other companies (which you have not seen on this blog, as I declined to share my review), I had my doubts.  But, I wanted to see this one for myself.  Or Will’s-self.

austin lloyd reviewLet’s just say, I’m now a big-time fan of Austin Lloyd.  Will and I both loved. loved. loved all of the goodies that were sent his way in our Austin Lloyd care package.  

al17Do you see that happy-boy face?  We’re gonna see that again on Christmas morning.

Here’s what we loved about everything in this box:

al9First up, each toy came with a card – explaining why the item has been selected for my child’s age and how we can play together to get the most out of it.

al2I loved that each toy seemed to be picked for the perfect development level of my child.  Cars were easy to grasp.  Memory card chips were dimpled and easy to turn.

al3Will instantly wanted to play with everything in the box. And, so did I!

al 1And, since we’ve gotten the Austin Lloyd care package, “Sophie’s Squash” has been a constant companion at bedtime.  So would “The First Thanksgiving,” had I not forced the retirement of the book due to the season.  (We got our box several weeks prior to Thanksgiving.)

al14It’s a great value.  I tallied up all of the goodies in our package and it would have cost nearly $80 retail, had I even been brilliant enough to pick out these toys for my boy.  Plus, shipping?  What a WIN!

If you’re looking for a creative gift for a tot in your life, I’d consider a one-time gift or subscription to Austin Lloyd.  One or three months is $49.99 per month.  A six month gift subscription is $44.99 per month.  In my book, it’s worth it.  And, I don’t say that lightly.

We’re still loving our Austin Lloyd box and I wanted to give you a chance to win one too.  Just in time for Christmas. Enter below for your chance to win a one-month subsciption box.  Merry Christmas, y’all!

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