#ThisNewHouse: Truck Themed Toddler Room

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The thing that’s both good and bad about toddlerhood: it’s temporary.  We’ve all heard about the “Terrible Twos.”  For those of us that know what that’s like, we’re exceedingly grateful (and/or hopeful) that the Terrible Two’s don’t turn into the terrible three’s, six’s, and sixteen’s!  No doubt toddler’s are tough.  But if yours is anything like mine, they’re also stinkin’ cute.   So yes, they can be a handful, but they make it up to you with chubby cheeks and hugs.

Like most moms, I struggled a bit when it came to designing a bedroom for my toddler:  he’s out of a crib, but not ready for a big boy bed.  Not a baby, not a big kid.   We still have to think about keeping the room safe for him (what can he climb up on, what can he destroy, what will he try to eat), yet fun and attractive and most importantly sleep inducing!

will collageWith Will’s room, I really did have to start from scratch.  And, first things first, I went to Etsy and Fabric.com for inspiration.  My little man LOVES trucks and everything with wheels, so it was super-easy to pick out the fabric I wanted to use for the bedding, and then I loved how the Waverly striped fabric coordinated with it.  

will 7Using the palette of greens and blues, along with the planes, trains, automobiles, and trucks theme, I went to town with bringing together a fun and functional room for my wild and wildy adorable toddler.

will 3First off, let’s tackle the toddler bed.  There are several bed options for toddlers and beds.  There’s the crib that converts to a toddler bed, the actual toddler bed (pictured here), or using a normal twin/full sized bed with rails.  I went with the toddler bed.  Mostly because the kit to turn the crib to a toddler bed cost more than just buying a toddler bed.  ($50 at Walmart.com.) It uses the crib mattress which enabled me to put off buying another bed/mattress set for awhile.  And, you gotta admit, it’s kinda cute.  

The “night stand” that you see next to the bed are actually cubes from Way Basics in lime green.  Two on top of each other are the perfect height for his little bed, and provide storage for his bed time books and of course… trucks.

I found the toddler duvets on Etsy at the New Mom Designs Shop.  Elvina of New Mom Designs made a custom duvet with organic cotton fabric to fit a toddler insert that I found on Overstock.com and it’s perfect.  She has fantastic fabrics in her shop and does crib bedding and twin bedding in addition to the duvet covers.  Here are some of my favorite fabrics from her shop:


Fabulous, right?

Above his bed, I wanted to have something “art-like” but nothing that he could pull down.  Never doubt that your child will jump up and down on a bed in attempt to wreak total havoc on your interior design projects.  Which is why this is a perfect place to incorporate Wall Pops Wall Decals.  I thought their traffic signs were a great look for his room.   Below, you’ll find a giveaway for (2) $30 store credits for use at WallPops.com!

will 4The cornice in Will’s room is from Simply Salvage.  Super easy to install and I think it gives the room a finished look and adds a nice “pop” of color.  Lindsey, the owner of Simply Salvage is offering a $50 gift credit to a custom cornice with her shop Simply Salvage in the giveaway at the end of the post, and all readers are eligible for a 10% off discount through the end of the year with the code MOMFAV10.

will 1These shelving units are from Way Basics.  They give the room a modern feel and were also very easy to install.  I think they’d look great in a nursery too.  For safety’s sake, I put the lowest shelf just at reach for my child, but not low enough that he could climb on them!  They are sturdy, but I don’t think they’d stand up to a determined toddler.  Check out their product line at WayBasics.com, and use this promo code, WBB2S13, for 15% off your purchase!

will 2Every toddler room should have an element of play….  

will 5And a place to relax.  Will loves nothing more than to “rock with mommy” at bedtime.

will 6Will’s diaper changing table has open shelving, so I found some cute baskets for essential items (changing pad covers, diapers, etc.), and (of course) a few toys.  

will 8Finally, the piece de resitance – the thing that I think really brings this room together – the city-themed playmat/rug from IKEA.  Only $14.99 and it keeps my kid quietly playing in his room for hours.  Driving trucks to school, to the beach and beyond…

Enter to win one of two $30 Wall Pops Store Credits:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter to win a $50 Store Credit towards a Custom Cornice at Simply Salvage:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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