Scrub a Dub Dub – #ThisNewHouse Children’s Bathroom Makeover

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this new house kids bathroom

One of the things that I most love about my new house is that I have an actual powder room, a guest bathroom and a “kid’s” bathroom.  In my old house, our sole bathroom outside of the master served this triple purpose.  For a small room, it sure worked hard.  Admittedly, it worked for the seven years that we lived there, but I could see the future.  What I didn’t see was two grown boys and guests sharing that bathroom nicely.  Mostly, I didn’t envision my two grown boys keeping the room nice enough for guests…

Yes, I’ve still got time to raise two respectful (& tidy) young men.  But you don’t know Will.  Anywho, I have a little peace of mind knowing that my two children and their toilette are safely tucked up and away in their own nook of the house.  Safe from overnight visitors and drop-in guests.  Phew.

The bathroom in our new house turned out to be one of my boys’ favorite rooms in the house.  They LOVE a bath, they DIG brushing their teeth, they LIVE to floss, and flushing the toilet is the HIGHLIGHT of their day.  They’re 2 & 5.  Obviously.  :)  With that in mind, the bathroom is set up to make all of these things fun and easy to do, and with a theme to tie it all together – water hues of blue and all things ocean.

kids bath1

Ta da!  Aesthetic wise, there are some things I love about this room, and some things that I still need to tweak to make my “inner designer” happy.  What I love: the bright blues, the children’s art, and the adorable step stools.  What I want to fix: I don’t love how the granite and paint color kinda clash.  Cool tones vs. warm tones.  It’s a battle royale (at least to me), but one that I think can rather easily be amended with the proper paint hue.  Fortunately, it’s a small room and one that I can paint on a weekend.  If I ever find one of those that isn’t jam-packed.  Hah!

Back to what I love, though.  First up – the shower curtain.  I searched long and hard for a shower curtain of “proper” length.  It seems that all shower curtains come with a standard 72″ drop, and if you’ve got normal to tall ceilings, you know what that screams to me?  Waiting for a flood!

Ok, in this case a flood may be very likely to happen (you’d understand if you ever saw my boys bathe), but I don’t want my bathroom to look like that’s expected.  Ya know?  Wayfair actually has a great selection of affordable shower curtains with a length of 96″ which I think does wonders for making a room seem bigger and brighter.  If you love the one I selected, you can find it here.  Otherwise, peruse this listing to find your the perfect accent for your bathroom.  (If you love the shower curtain I selected, enter the giveaway at the end of the post to win one for yourself!)

kids bath2

Now, if you’re 2 or 5, this is the perspective you have when you enter the bathroom, and I can tell you that they totally love these steps stools crafted just for them by EllaMenoPea.  I think they are simply perfect.  Sturdily built of eco-friendly products with beautiful craftsmanship, plus they are easy to wipe down.  I put little bumpers on the back of them so that they don’t bang up against my cabinets.  (A tip from a few of my friends that I thought was noteworthy!)

kids bath3It also comes in blue!

blue step stoolAdorable, right?  Don’t miss the giveaway for your very own EllaMenoPea step stool in your choice of color at the end of the post! Even better? Use the coupon code MOMFAVS coupon code for 15% your EllaMenoPea purchase through the end of November!

kids bath artWhen my son came home from art camp this summer with a boat-load of ocean themed crafts, I knew I had the perfect place to put them.  I plan on getting the starfish canvas framed.  But, until then….  (Isn’t his signature just adorable?)  If you’re like me, you agonize over what to do with all of the artwork your children bring home from school.  You can’t save everything, but throw it away?  Bring on the mom-guilt.  Showcasing a few of his “pieces” makes me feel less like a terrible person when I throw away scribbles.  (Don’t judge!)

kids bath9

 And, who doesn’t love a little potty humor? 😉

kids bath7

Now on to bath time: The absolutely favorite past time of my children.  They could play in the tub for hours if I let them.  They stay in there until their hands and toes get all pruny and the water is cold.  And I get to read a magazine, sop up the water from the floor, and make sure no one drowns.   I adore the Brica bath product line, and pretty much have all of their trusty items.  The Super Scoop featured above holds all of their bath toys, and allows them to drain and air out.

brica collage

The Brica Bath Kneeler comes in handy for rinsing time.  My knees simply can’t stand being directly on the tile anymore.  Sigh… getting older.  Also pictured is the Super Spout Cover which gives me peace of mind that the kids won’t wallop the drain with their heads and sending me running to the emergency room.  And the Shower and Rinse Bath Pitcher?  That’s the favorite bath “toy” my kids have.  They take turns (two minute intervals) dumping water over each other’s heads (and occasionally out of the tub).  Don’t miss the giveaway at the end of the post for two Brica Bath Products of your choice!

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    Wow Katie! How impressive all of the changes !I really like accessories and how everything looks so good together.Love the cute accessories that you have jotted to update kids bathroom. I am sure they are really enjoying bathing lol…..It makes me want to get some changes in my own bathroom.


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