Last Minute: Halloween Costume Ideas from Amazon

*Just thought I’d mention, I was not sponsored or given product by Amazon. I just happen to love their great Halloween Costume Ideas and thought I’d share!*

Some years you’ve got it… some years you don’t.  At least that’s how it seems around here.  For example:

2008 – bought Halloween outfit before child was born.  Yeah, I may have even patted myself on the back.

2009: Went to Target the day before Halloween to discover a seasonal department chock full of Christmas trees.  I ended up finding one duck costume without a foot.

2010:  Purchased very expensive Halloween costume in August to make sure my child had a complete outfit before Christmas decorations went up in super stores.

2011: Vowed to a) never pay full price for a halloween costume again and b) purchase costume with plenty of time.  Managed to find two adorable costumes at consignment sales in September for less than twenty bucks.  More pats on the back.

2012:  Hand me downs! Hip hip hooray!

2013:  Oops.  Halloween is in ten days.  Alas… back to ordering over priced Halloween costumes online.

Anyone else in my boat?  Best get to it.  Not too late to use your Amazon Prime membership to get Halloween outfits on your door stop with a few days to spare!  Here are a few fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Forget trick or treat.  These little ones can threaten with walking the plank!

pirate costumes

Pirate boy costume (only $8!)
Pirate girl costume (not bad at $15)
Pirate parrot costume ($22, perfect for the little sibling!)

I also thought these would be fun ideas for siblings:

sibling costume ideas

Elephant costume, only $8.95
Infant peanut costume, $26.  Why is it the smallest costumes are the most expensive?  Grr…
Monkey Costume, $20
Banana Costume, $19.95
Bunny Costume (at least with this duo, you’ve got another opportunity to dress up around Easter!), $50
Carrot Costume, $29.99
Caterpillar Costume, $29.99
Butterfly Costume $39

And here’s another personal favorite – I should probably just go ahead and order it for next year….

Peanut Butter and Jelly: Two costumes, $35!

So, have you gotten your costumes yet? Did you make them or buy them?  What did your kids beg to be this year?


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