Survival Tips for Atlanta Kids Consignment Sales

It”s Fall/Winter consignment sale season in Atlanta. Churches, mommy groups, multiples groups and other non-profits are breaking out their sale racks to make room for thousands of toys, car seats, cribs, and kids clothing. I”m relatively new to consignment sales and wish I”d bought more gently used vs. new items with our son. So I”m delighted to share Survival Tips for Atlanta Kids Consignment Sales.
Survival Tips for Atlanta Kids Consignment Sales
Volunteer for an early shopping pass. One of my friends is a member of a multiples group and loves the early access she gets to shop first for volunteering. Membership may/may not be required. Call or e-mail the consignment sale organizers for details. Usually there”s a link to volunteer on their website.

Leave the kids home. I couldn”t imagine trying to navigate the aisles at a kid’s consignment sale with A.J. in tow.

Follow the rules. No strollers means no strollers. Don”t waste your time and get turned away because you”re violating the rules.

Arrive early or buy an early shopping pass. For some non-profits, this is another revenue stream to sell an early shopping pass to eager shoppers.

Bring cash. It makes checking out so much easier. A lot of the sales allow checks, but who wants to go through the hassle. At the last multiples consignment sale I went to, the credit card machine broke down and caused a lot of delays. But I sailed through because I had cash.

Shop the 50% off sale on the last day. Yes, you”ll be going through all the leftover stuff after a full day of shoppers. But you never know what you can find unless you try.

What are your shopping tips to survive kids consignment sales?

Ready to shop? Here”s a list of Fall 2013 Atlanta Kids Consignment Sales I created on Mommy Talk Show.


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