Foodie Fam Weekly Meal Plan: Farmer’s Market Fare

I’m back to real life!  Moved in and sorta settled.  Enough so that I know where my pots and pans are, my pantry is semi-stocked, and I can spend a little while each night cooking again.  WOOHOO!  After several months of feeling completely un-settled, it’s so nice to start feeling at home again.  And, nothing says home like a home-cooked dinner.  Don’t you agree?

farmers market fare

In this weekly meal plan, I’m cooking some of my summer favorites.  We recently joined a CSA (given that I had to leave my garden behind, sigh…), and it’s been so much fun to see what comes in the box each week.  Not having been a fan of eggplant, it’s something I’ve not really ever cooked, but since it’s shown up in my box twice in a row, I’ve discovered: Eggplant is fantastic roasted.   Trust me.  :)  I did however, have a Kohlrabi fail.  Any suggestions for ways to cook it?  Apparently roasting is not the way to go with that one.

I’m not quite sure what’s gonna end up the fridge this week, so we’ll stick to seasonal recipes and keep our fingers crossed!  Enjoy your week and these great meals!  (Oh, and just so ya k now…it’s all vegetarian…. I’m in a veggie mood!)

Monday – Vegan

Zucchini and Corn Taco Seasoned Quinoa Salad, recipe from Closet Cooking
Serve with tortilla chips and guacamole

Tuesday, Vegetarian

Roasted Beet and Turnip Galette, recipe from The Kitchn
Mixed Green Salad

Wednesday, Vegan

Spicy Bean and Mushroom Curry, recipe from The Long Green Bean (using veggies from CSA box or whatever is in your fridge!)
with Steamed Brown Rice

Thursday – 4th of July! (Vegetarian Side Dishes)

My family always gets together for the 4th of July, and we each bring a dish.  My contribution will be:
Bavarian Potato-Cucumber Salad, recipe from Cooking Light
Slow Cooker Baked Beans, recipe from 100 Days of Real Food

Friday – Family Pizza Night, Vegetarian

Red Pepper and Eggplant Pizza, recipe from TastesGood2

Weekend Cooking, Vegetarian

Appetizer: Beet Hummus with Cucumbers, recipe from Simply Recipes
Entree: Garlic Fried Tomato Orecchiette with Arugala, recipe from Lemon Fire Brigade
Serve with Garlic Bread
Dessert: Mexican Chocolate Cake, recipe from Mom Favorites

Breakfast Idea

Veggie Muffins, recipe from Laura S., Mom Favorites columnist

Lunch Idea (Optional Vegan – omit cheese)

Roasted Tomato and Caramelized Onion Farro Salad, recipe from Joy the Baker

P.S. I hope you enjoyed some of the bloggers’ recipes (menu 1 & menu 2) that we shared over the last few weeks.  I’m definitely going to have to go back and add a few of those to an upcoming rotation again, ’cause I kind of feel like I missed out!  Which was your favorite?


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