Those Really Expensive Cupcakes

Last week I had one of those days where one declares, “Mommy is ready to go back to work full time.” I”m sure we all have them, right? Right??? You know the kind, where you pull up a little George to get Curious with the kids for a while, and you slip over to your computer to visit an old friend, CareerBuilder. Just to see what”s out there. Just for a breath.


And by the time your husband gets home from work, you”ve got two interviews lined up, and you”ve priced the daycare. And the housekeeping. And maybe even the lawn service, to help reel him in a little faster. It was one of those kinds of days.

That Kind Of Day

We had plans though. We were heading OUT of the house. We were not cleaning up the mess until we got home (we would have never been able to leave). We were using our , and taking the Lynx train. I love taking that train. Don”t have to look and pay for parking… I”m always the crazy lady with the two kids licking the handrails in public places… It”s just understandably awesome.


The ticket is $4 I think, and kids under 5 ride for free, so it”s additionally nice to drag two free ones on with you. We”re up to $4 now, for our day. Not too bad, considering we are about to go see a mini- aquarium, a rainforest, some 3-D movies, and more. I do it up REAL BIG and pack some lunches. I know. To most of you moms, packing lunches is second nature. It is not to me. Honestly, there is very little I love more in the world than going out to lunch. I do not know why; I have no psychological explanation, I just like it. No, sorry, I love it like it”s my 3rd child.


So packing lunches is HUGE. I have a friend who always has carrots, and raisins, and hummus, and trail mix…. And despite being rather healthy at mealtime around the house, I always manage to show up around them with a bag of Cheetos and some Oatmeal pies. Again. Mentally trying to accept my packed lunch. Sometimes I do make a spread for the kids, and stuff in a greek yogurt for myself. Of course both kids are in my lap trying to take the yogurt.


I don”t know what inspired me, but this day, I did it right. I made sandwiches shaped like fish (no need to buy that special bread. Use a cookie cutter.) I packed carrots. Everyone had their 6 million Americans went without during all of 2011, compared to 49. own apple, box of raisins; I went completely ALL OUT and packed everyone some water. Formerly the fine line- I”ll pack a lunch but I will buy a soda and some juice boxes. I”m such a soda junkie. A “Coke-Head” (Wonder why that never took off?)

Waters. Sandwiches. Apples.

We arrived about 10:30 and took in some of the sites. Number 1 found got really excited to find the turtles in the rainforest.


Discovery Place has this really neat play center for smaller kids, and as we are approaching, I just think about every toy and every germ, I”m not really a germaphobe, but today I decide, hey, let”s go eat our lunch first, and lead the kids toward their café.

Something I don”t know? How much is it offensive if you bring your own lunch and use the museum café? Most of them have outside tables around the museum where I don”t feel guilty, but it was way too cold that day. I think the whole buying drink lessens my guilt a little, too. Oh well. We packed it. We”re here. We”re members- an investment- hopefully they don”t mind.


We sit in the corner.


Still not corner enough that we can”t see those really expensive cupcakes. You know the ones. The frosting is three feet high. They don”t have flavors; they have themes. Pumpkin crème something with piped frosting resembling bats and witches hats. Red velvet with frosting piped into glorious ribbons and bows. A peanut butter chocolate something, oh it”s just. Beautiful.

THOSE Really Expensive Cupcakes.

photo cred

They really are so pretty, and of course all kids always want one. Really, kids just want a CUPCAKE. A 99 cent white cupcake, with some sprinkles in the frosting. Cupcake places, you have RUINED cupcakes. You”ve made our expectations entirely TOO HIGH with your beauty, and your themes, and your frosting so massive that no one ever eats your actual cake. And your $3.99 pricetag.


Lemme go all MOM on you and tell you how many cupcakes you can make at home for $3.99.


The girls were so, so good. Just too good. We ate all of our food, and packed up our reusable containers. Our eyes, they wandered. Back, and over again. Those cupcakes. I sent a 4 year old on a mission.

“Go Look and find the one you like.”

She returns.

“Go ask the cashier how much they are.”



I cracked. I packed our lunch, and we rode the train, and I knew I would lose naptime to the return trip, and I cracked. I bought a cupcake. ONE. Cupcake.

Then I went all awesome mom style on them, and I Made Them Share.

When they were finished with the frosting, I got to eat both halves of the actual cupcake.



Winning all around.



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