#Organizedin2013: Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary


In #Organizedin2013, I declared to fix my bedroom.  Make it a sanctuary, a place or rest and peace.  A place where a mom can lay her head down a feel like a lady, and not a bum-wiping, grape cutting, shoelace tying machine.  Not that I’m complaining… just stating the facts.

The first thing that I needed to do was update my linens.  Only, I have a problem.  Do you ever obsess over a purchase?  I’m that way with bedding.  From my dorm room, to first apartment, to the registry for my wedding, bedding was always a tough decision.  So many options, so personal.  The bedding has to be visibly pleasing, easy to maintain, while at the same time super-comfy.  Yes, in this area, I am tough to please.  Not in bed, on the bed. You know…

Oh… I think my mind has wandered.  Sorry mom.

Back on topic.  I’ve had my current bedding for a few years, and to be honest, I’ve never loved it.  I liked the soft colors, but I had to iron the shams after laundering, and who has time for that?  Plus, I soon realized that simple striping shows stains really quickly.  And, I can’t get the dog to stop sleeping on our bed during the day, which means, stains happen.  I’ve moved into management mode.  Not prevention.

I searched high and low for the perfect bedding for my bedroom.   Knowing that this project was coming, I stalked Pottery Barn.  Target.  West Elm.  Etsy.  One Kings Lane.  Horchow.  Yes, I made the rounds.  I didn’t really have a budget in mind, but I had a concept.  bright earth tone colors, pattern to hide stains, linen-ish type feel, and something that wouldn’t break the bank.  Finally, after many stops, I found bedding that pleased me.  Oh happy day.

So here’s my “Before” bed.  Not bad, just not “me.”

bedding before

And, here’s my after!

What I love: A contrasting Euro shams (West Elm) and toss pillow (Lowe’s).  Subtly patterned sheets (you can’t see them well, but it’s a brown and white tweed pattern – Marshall’s), which coordinates with the earth-toned floral paisley pattern on the duvet cover (Dillard’s).  I topped off the look with a soft blue blanket (Target) which I’m hoping Molly dog will choose to lay on.  Yes, I’m a happy duck…. hopefully, Molly will be a happy dog. :)

Only problem – now my curtains don’t match.  Which means: Next week of #Organizedin2013, we’ll be completing our bedroom transformation!  If you’re wondering what’s in store, think declutter, brighten, and adding a touch of style!



  1. Denise says

    Loooooove it!! I must say, I’ve seen your before bedding and I always thought it wasn’t very “Katie”. This is so much more you! Always a pleasure :)

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