Art Buzz Kids – My “Most Creative” Summer Camp Pick

Last week, I shared with you my pick for best budget-friendly camp, the Summer Camp at the Open Door School.  I also mentioned that my kids will practically be living at summer camp this summer.  I’m loaded down with work, and they’ll simply have more fun being entertained by people paid to do so than hanging out with little ‘ol me.  Ya know?

art buzz kids camp

So, this year, I’m sending Graham back to Art Buzz Kids Summer Camp at Wine & Design Charlotte in Dilworth.  Graham went last year and HAD A BLAST.  He came home from his Jungle-themed art class telling me all about Amazonian creatures, excited about all of his projects, and completely covered in crafty mess that I didn’t have to clean up (except for that load of laundry).  Note: Send them in the casual wear!

You know it’a fun class when my typically timid child comes home thrilled to have paint on his elbow and some potter’s clay in his hair. I love that I didn’t have to bust out glitter or a glue gun.  I’m un-crafty like that.

We still have many of the treasures that Graham created last year in summer camp, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with in his Under the Sea and Wild West themed camps this year.  Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll inspire him in more ways than I can imagine.  And maybe even inspire a room redecoration…

Oh, and be sure to use the promo code “artbuzz” for 10% off registration!  Yeah, we’re here to help! :)

Art Buzz Kids Summer Camp Registration:

Monday- Friday 9 am – 1pm

$200 for first child
$175 each additional child

$100 deposit required at registration
10% off for returning campers

After signing up below, please fill out our (Click Here) Registration Form: 

Jul 15-19 : (Ages 4-8) – Under the Sea Register Here

Jul 29- Aug 2 : (Ages 7-12) – Mythical Creatures & Legendary Places Register Here

Aug 12-16 : (Ages 4-8) – The Wild West Register Here

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