#Organizedin2013: Simplified Dresser Storage

simplified dresser

After last week’s intense closet overhaul, this week of organization was easy-peasy.  Mostly, because I inadvertently pulled about one-third of the contents of my dresser to store in my newly regained closet space.  This makes Week 9 of #organizedin2013, simplified dresser storage, a breeze.

Prior to Week 8 of #organizedin2013, my dresser was over-stuffed.  I had to press down clothing to jam the drawers closed.  T-shirts and tanks were a wrinkled mess.  Can you relate?  If so, then you’ll appreciate how easily you can turn mayhem into neatness.

What did I remove from my dresser that now resides in my closet?  My wear-it-with-an-outfit clothes.  Jeans.  Shirts that I layer with.  My “fancy” t-shirts.  (If there is such a thing.)  So, what’s left? My work-out gear, undergarments, swimwear and pajamas.

Here’s what you need: Shoe boxes and drawer dividers.  You can buy these at The Container Store; I happened to find mine at Marshall’s.

You’ll also need about an hour or two to sort through your clothes: toss underwear you’d be embarrassed to show anyone on a blog, throw out the shirts with arm pit stains.  Get rid of the sports bras that have lost their elasticity.  Chuck the bras that haven’t fit since you’ve had kids…

Now, let’s take it drawer by drawer.  Yes, you’re gonna get a glimpse at my underwear.   Oh, the places blogging has taken me….


Week #9: Mission accomplished!


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