#Organizedin2013: Laundry Room Makeover

My laundry room makeover was much needed. It’s a really small room. So small, I couldn’t even get a photo with the actual laundry machines in it. It’s that cramped.  The laundry room is wedged into my home’s floor-plan in between the kitchen and garage, so it’s also a major-thoroughfare. It’s the dog’s dining room, the craft storage area, cleaning supply headquarters, cookbook central, and accessory depository. Yep, this small room packs a lot of punch.

This was a big project for me, as you can see in the pictures. Let’s start off with the cabinets.

There was definitely some purging involved to get it to this state. I chucked a few random detergents that I suspected made one of my sons break out in a rash. (Why I kept them, I can’t quite explain.) I found some decks of cards that I relocated to the game-closet. I tossed out a crap-ton of old holiday candy. Sorry Graham, but I don’t think you want last year’s Easter candy now anyway. Don’t worry, I kept some. It’s in that Halloween pumpkin.

I also double checked all of the flashlights to make sure they work and have batteries, and in the same container put some matches. May as well have everything together if the power goes out. Finally, I compiled all of my gardening supplies and stored it. I’ll pull it down in the spring, but it doesn’t get used now.

laundry bins

On top of the laundry machines I made space for additional storage. I kept one machine clear for laundry baskets, but on top of the washer, I have baskets for craft paper and workbooks, play-doh, which is a BIG hit in our house, and grab-and-go items like sunglasses, chap stick, and diapers.

Fortunately, my laundry room does have a closet. This is where all of my cleaning stuff goes. I have cleaning supplies on the over the door rack and brooms and tools hanging from the broom rack installed on the inside of the door. I always have a back-up of my most-used cleaning supplies (I can NEVER be out of Spot Shot), so I keep those on the top shelf. I got a hanging shelf from the Container Store and keep food-wraps and storage bags of every size there. Every parent should have all sizes of ziploc bags. They come in handy all of the time!

Finally, I have a storage unit in this closet. I keep a box of regularly used tools, containers of light bulbs and batteries, I have a box of glue and tape, and a container for little things like velcro and felt pads for furniture. I also keep paper products here, like plastic cutlery, paper plates, solo cups, and other outdoor entertaining supplies.

I purchased a few things for this room that have made a big difference. First, my husband is always leaving his keys around the house, then can’t find them. Now, I have a magnetic key rack on the door to the garage.  If only I could train him to put them there! :)

Behind the laundry room door, I have a rack for our purses, coats, and Graham’s lunch box. Finally, even though I’m not a fan of crafts, I got another over-the-door storage unit for all of the kids’ craft supplies. If I’m gonna have all of that stuff, it may as well be organized!

recipe organization

Last but not least, my laundry room is where I keep all of my recipes. My cookbooks are in the cabinet over the dryer, but my tried-and-true recipes I keep in the closet. Organizing this was probably the most time consuming for me!

First, I decided to keep all of my family recipes on index cards in the recipe box. I had planned on keeping that system, but when I realized most of my recipes that I try now come from the web or are torn out from a magazine, I figured the binder system worked the best. I put all of the recipes I’ve tried and liked in sheet protectors organized by type in the front of the binder, and used pocket folders to organize magazine tear-outs that I want to try sometimes. Now, I have a resource to pull from for all of my #MenusonMondays posts. Woohoo!

Dude. That was a lot of work. Tell me: is your laundry room as multi-purpose? What tricks do you have for keeping it neat and tidy?

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