#Organizedin2013: Time & Toss Kitchen Organization

I know I set a big task late in the week for our very first Organized in 2013 mission.  If you’re like me, the pantry and the refrigerator are weekly dump zones.  But, I wanted to start there, because I think the sense of gratification you’ll get once those two spaces are renewed, will be so great that you’ll be inspired to continue on our weekly organizing plan this year.  So, if you haven’t yet accomplished those two tasks, take a moment to read through the goals from last week before moving onto our Week 2 of Kitchen Organization.


Based on the feedback that I got after my pantry before and after posts, I think there are a lot of us that need a focus on organization this year.  Thanks for coming on board and let’s get ready to tackle some more areas of the kitchen.

I’ve been reading up on how to get organized over the last few months so that I’d be ready to steer this ship this year.  So, although I’m no expert (and desperately am in need of this overhaul), I think I’ve found some great tips to get us on the right path.  Now that we’ve gotten rid of the old food and cleaned up our food storage spaces, it’s time to hit the kitchen “stuff.”  In “One Year to an Organized Life,” Regina Leeds (who I’ll be referencing a lot this year) recommends setting time aside to go through your kitchen and just get rid of stuff.

I set the timer on my microwave for 20 minutes and just started going through drawers and cabinets.  At first it was easy… I started above the refrigerator and pulled out an espresso machine with missing parts, big plastic cups that I’d collected during my college years, two plastic pitchers that were stained, and the like.  From there it got a little harder.   I moved on to my dish cabinet.  I pulled out some mis-matched pieces that had no mates, a few travel mugs with missing tops and a few chipped bowls.  The timer stopped and I was glad.  I wasn’t sure what else to toss.

organized glassware

exhibit A) new home for rarely used airplane bottles exhibit B) storage for extra pieces of stemware exhibit C) frequently used glassware in easiest to reach spot

The next day, I set my timer to 30 minutes.  I opened up the glassware cabinet and feeling refreshed began to chuck various wine glasses that didn’t match our “set” and random other glass ware items that where leftovers from various sets that had broken and shattered over the years.  I pulled out three martini glasses thick in dust and grime that I know I’ve not used since we’ve lived in our house (seven years).  I like them, but they got put in the donate pile.  I started to get ruthless.  Which is a good thing when it comes to cleaning out and organizing.

If I haven’t used it in years, it had to go.  Mis-matched sets of measuring cups that I couldn’t read the measurements on? Gone.  Pot holders that were worn and tattered? Gone.  A pan with a lose handle? Trashed.  Really, it felt great.  If you have appliances like a bread machine or ice cream maker and you don’t use them, think about donating them or at least moving them to another area of the house where the real estate is less prime.  I moved a few things up to the attic, but I have a feeling that when I get to organizing that part of the house, if I haven’t used it since it moved, it’ll get tossed then.

exhibit A) needs organizer rack

I also started making a list for my next shopping trip: cute dish towels, a matching mug set, cutting board/baking pan organizer rack, new pot holders, and a second measuring cup set.  That’s the best part really… getting my list ready for my next Home Goods/Container Store trip! :)

And that’s all there is to it this week.  Plan on a few 20-30 minute Toss Times to go through your kitchen and pull out things you don’t use.  Don’t try to do it all at once.  You’ll get burned out.

Can’t wait to hear what you found in those cabinets!


What I Got Rid Of:
1 espresso Machine
18 various stemware
2 plastic pitchers
3 cork screw/bottle openers
5 large plastic cups
3 random plates
4 chipped bowls
1 ravioli press
1 ice cream maker
1 toaster oven (I have a toaster and an oven with a toast feature. Why did I need a toaster oven??)
Assorted whisks, spatulas and cooking utensils that were stained, chipped or unused
2 mis-matched sets of measuring cups
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    Thanks for reminding me… I have a rice cooker I totally need to toss. And a “Fry Daddy”. AS much as I love homemade donuts and “real” French fries… I’ll never be using that thing in my house again!!

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    I just did some organizing last week. Some stuff were in places that seemed backwards so I fixed it. Organizing anything makes me feel so accomplished and a it’s a breath of fresh air


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