In Other Blogs…. October ’12 vol. 2

I’ve been a busy bee…. and apparently so have the other mom-bloggers of this world.  There are so many great amazing fall posts that make me want to cuddle up on the couch with apple cider while eating a potato gratin, watch a movie, and sew a costume for my tot all at the same time.  Totally manageable. Right?

Ok, in reality, I’m not sure I’m gonna squeeze all of that in, but in case you’re in the need for a little fall inspiration, here are some great posts you won’t want to miss.
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I love how down-to-earth this winged costume is.  I’m sure it’s a bear to sew, but it sure is adorable.
Ever wonder how to start a playgroup?  Fall is a great time to connect with other moms and explore greenways, coffee shops and your city together.  Here are some great tips on starting your own playgroup!
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I don’t think this picture needs many words.  Let’s just say, Um Yum.  I want to host a Halloween party just so I can make a ton of this stuff and have leftovers all Fall long!
And now that my tummy is rumbling, you’ll want to learn how to start your own fix ‘n freeze group.  I had a blast doing this with friends last year!  Recipes included in the post! 

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