Mom Favorites Linkup: DIY with Kids

When I make food, I try and get beyond the box.  I like to use fresh ingredients that cost less than their packaged counterparts.  I like to limit the processed ingredients they eat.  I want them to get used to a variety of tastes and flavors.  I cannot tell you how proud I was when both my boys ate a Pesto, Marinated Artichoke, & Roasted Garlic Pizza and loved it.  Yep, that’s my brag moment for the day.

I try to carry out my food philosophy to the other areas of my family life.  I want the boys to try a lot of different sports and activities.  I hope that they’ll have friends from various cultures and backgrounds.  And, I want them to know what it’s like to make something from scratch.  My kids think it’s so cool when we make pancakes on Saturday morning.  Why not have them make playdough or a bird feeder?

I’m not an avid crafter by any means, but when it’s simple enough, and it’s’ multi-purpose enough, I’ll engage.  What the heck.  I’ve made playdough with the boys, and we’ve made bath paint (that was the cleanest craft I could find), but I know there are other great ideas out there.

Why buy it when you can make it?  Have you DIY’ed (that’s gotta be a real word by now, right)? anything with your kids? A craft or project? Share a blog post or link to what you did.

We’ll promote your entries throughout the week!  Can’t wait to have some crafty DIY inspiration.


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